Lisa Hochstein Mother Jean, Father McCallum: RHOM cast Parents

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Lisa Hochstein from RHOM is trendy due to her high-profile appearances and business ventures, which have sparked public curiosity, leading many to seek information about her family, including her mother.

Lisa Hochstein is a reality T.V. star known for participating in The Real Housewives of Miami.

Her appearance on the show generated a lot of publicity, enhancing her popularity.

Further, she gained the limelight for her messy divorce with her ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein.

This was mainly due to the legal battles surrounding claims that Lenny was an abusive person.

Moreover, Lisa further shed light on her separation from Lenny in the season 6 finale of her show.

Rumors were rife of multiple problems, including Lenny’s “to and fro,” just like Lisa once accused.

As a result, there has been a surge in searches for information about Lisa Hochstein and details about her life, including the details of her mother and father.

Lisa Hochstein Mother Jean & Father McCallum: Parents On RHOM Season 6

With significant public attention, curiosity about the mother and father of Lisa Hochstein has piqued interest among the audience.

In Season 6 of RHOM, Lisa Hochstein discussed her parents’ relationship and family dynamics.

The season prominently features Jean, Lisa’s mother, and explores their relationship and her struggles.

Lisa Hochstein in pariesLisa Hochstein also won the title of Miss Swimsuit. (Source: Instagram)

Jean, the mother of Lisa Hochstein, was born in the town of Seaford on the smallest island in Jamaica, and lived in poverty.

Lisa described the challenges she faced when she distanced herself from her humanity, particularly during challenging moments.

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No one is more startled to find that her mother and aunt live in Toronto, which is the town where Lisa was born.

Throughout the season, while exploring her mom’s struggle, Lisa maintained her marriage with Lenny Hochstein despite the on-air drama, and she shared how it affected her family.

In the matter, Jean also expressed her concerns about Lenny’s behavior towards Lisa and his lack of interest in her family to him.

Lisa said her visits from her daughter became complicated because of Lenny’s behavior and how that made Jean uncomfortable.

Lisa Hochstein in redMagazine covers have also featured Lisa Hochstein. (Source: Instagram)

Further, Lisa’s candid discussion about her family’s issues on RHOM gave viewers insight into the complexities of familial problems.

Although Jean was directly referenced in the given information, it can be inferred that Lisa’s father, McCallum, had another impact.

He likely offered support and guidance to Lisa in moments when she truly needed these things on the show.

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Details About The Career And Net Worth Of Lisa  

Lisa Hochstein is a famous TV personality, businessperson, and actress who became known through The Real Housewives of Miami TV series.

After starring in seasons 2-3, Lisa transitioned to T.V. from her humble beginnings in the film industry during season 6.

In 2006, Lisa Hochstein played a minor role in The Last Kiss.

At the same time, she excels in real estate. She displayed an outstanding knowledge of the industry and an unmatched taste for design.

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In addition, she is a dedicated fitness enthusiast, a passionate collector of art, and a strong advocate for women’s rights.

Lisa Hochstein in brown dressLisa Hochstein also participated in beauty pageant shows. (Source: Instagram)

Lisa’s career diversity has genuinely contributed to her magic $90M net worth as the latest Celebrity Net Worth.

Instead, her wealth primarily comes from entrepreneurial ventures like Fly Parfum and Splitwell.

Her wealth does not come from her reality T.V. show, her ownership of a medspa, her marriage to a doctor, or the doctor’s business.

However, the stability of her net worth is uncertain due to her divorce from Dr. Hochstein and upcoming business ventures.

Nonetheless, Lisa remains prominent in television, real estate, and entrepreneurship. And her impact is still evident in philanthropic work and advocacy.

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