Lancelin fire: Bushfire threatens lives and homes, urgent evacuation warning issued

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Authorities in Lancelin have issued an emergency warning urging residents in the Lancelin neighborhood to evacuate immediately as a bushfire continues to escalate. The situation has been deemed critical, prompting a call for swift action from the community.

The latest update at 04:45 PM on December 20, 2023, declares a bushfire emergency for people in the Lancelin townsite and on Lancelin Road west of Old Ledge Point Road in the western part of Lancelin in the Shire of Gingin. The fire, moving in a north-westerly direction, is currently out of control and unpredictable.

Emergency Instructions:Residents in the Lancelin townsite are instructed to leave now toward the Lancelin Jetty if it is safe to do so.Lancelin Road is closed, and residents are in danger, needing to act immediately to ensure survival.There is a serious threat to lives and homes, particularly in the Lancelin townsite, as the fire advances north-westward.

Evacuate immediately toward the Lancelin Jetty if the way is clear. Waiting until the last minute poses a significant risk to life.If unable to leave, prepare to shelter in your home. Choose a room with two exits and water, such as a kitchen or laundry.Close all doors and windows, turn off evaporative air conditioners, and keep water running through the system if possible.

Firefighters are actively on the scene, working to combat the fire. However, the situation remains challenging due to the fire’s unpredictability.

Lancelin Road is closed. Motorists are advised to avoid the area, reduce speed, and drive carefully due to smoke. Please follow road closure information from Main Roads WA.Drones and aerial support are strictly prohibited near bushfires to ensure the safety of firefighting personnel. Flying drones poses a significant risk and hinders firefighting efforts.

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Lancelin Road has been blocked by the police due to the fire outbreak. Emergency vehicles are on the scene, and the road is currently impassable.

Residents are urged to stay informed, follow emergency instructions, and prioritize their safety. The community is encouraged to cooperate with authorities and emergency services during this critical situation.

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