Kimberly Morin from Surrey passes away unexpectedly

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Surrey, BC – December 9, 2023  The passing of Kimberly Morin has left family and friends reeling from the unexpected loss of a cherished soul. Kimberly’s departure, confirmed through a heartfelt Facebook post at 3 pm on Saturday, has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many in disbelief.

Kimberly Morin, affectionately known as Kimmy, was a beacon of kindness and compassion, leaving an indelible mark on the lives she touched. Her infectious smile and unwavering dedication to spreading positivity made her a source of inspiration for all fortunate enough to know her.

Described as a remarkable individual, Kimberly’s radiant smile was emblematic of her compassionate nature. Her genuine and infectious laughter lit up any room, reflecting her inner goodness that transcended every interaction, whether with friends or in larger gatherings.

Beyond her warm demeanor, Kimberly’s commitment to charitable causes showcased her deep empathy for others facing adversity. Engaged in various community groups and volunteering efforts, she silently championed causes close to her heart, preferring to contribute without seeking recognition.

Randy T. Morin posted on Facebook,

“My niece Kimberly Morin still being strong with God’s blessingsLate Blake’s younger Sister and please forgive us for we’re not as many as we used to be like everyone else we’ve lost way too many beautiful people “

Kimberly Morin’s genuine and selfless attitude epitomized her desire to create a better world for everyone. Her heartfelt connections with individuals and unwavering advocacy for the marginalized were testament to her profound empathy.

Her generosity extended beyond grand gestures, manifesting in subtle yet impactful acts that collectively fostered a more compassionate and understanding community.

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The family plans to release Kimberly Morin’s obituary, allowing the community to come together in honoring the life of a compassionate soul who left an enduring legacy of kindness.

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