Kim Mulkey Cancer Rumors: Is She Sick Now? Illness And Health 2023

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Kim Mulkey cancer rumors have been circulating online while the basketball coach opened up about her ailment recently.

Kim Mulkey is a renowned American college basketball coach and former basketball player.

The Santa Ana, California native is the current head coach for Louisiana State University’s women’s basketball team.

Last month, LSU’s triumphant 73-50 win over Southeastern Louisiana at the Pride Roofing University Center in Hammond was exciting.

Despite sounding noticeably congested, the head coach concluded her post-match press conference by discussing her health issue.

Following this, there has been much speculation about her health issues. One such rumor claims that the basketball coach is battling cancer. Find out how much of the talk is true.

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Is Kim Mulkey Cancer Rumors True?

LSU head coach Kim Mulkey’s cancer rumors are not true. In stark contrast, she revealed she got a cold or possibly COVID-19.

The LSU head coach Kim Mulkey said that she got cold which could be COVID-19, but she wouldn’t be testing for it. (Image Source: New York Post)

During the post-game press conference after LSU’s win over Southeastern Louisiana at the Pride Roofing University Center in Hammond in November, head coach Mulkey said she was not feeling well.

The college basketball coach was noticeably congested. She said her illness hadn’t been diagnosed.

While holding a tissue, Mulkey stated that she had a cold, which might be COVID-19.

However, the coach clarified that she wouldn’t be testing for it and attributed her symptoms to sinuses or the flu.

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“I’m not a sissy. “I’m not allergic. I’m sick with a cold.” It could be COVID, but I’m not testing.”

“It’s the sinuses. I’m not sure what you call it – allergies, flu, I’m not sure. So, if you catch the flu this Thanksgiving, blame me,” added the LSU head coach.

Moreover, this isn’t the first time Mulkey has made headlines with her comments about COVID-19.

During the 2021 NCAA Tournament, Kim Mulkey suggested that the NCAA stop testing players and coaches for COVID-19 during the Final Four and national championship.

Back then, she argued that it would be a shame if players tested positive and could not participate in the Final Four. Her remarks drew criticism at the time.

Kim Mulkey Illness And Health: Had Heart Surgery

LSU’s women’s basketball coach, Kim Mulkey, underwent a heart procedure in June 2023.

Kim Mulkey cancer rumorsThe LSU head coach Kim Mulkey had heart surgery in June 2023. (Image Source: Yahoo)

Mulkey’s medical journey started with an issue in her eye. Initially, she had a torn retina, which was treated immediately.

Later, the former athlete experienced numbness in her finger due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

During her visit to the doctor, she requested a scan of her neck, which had undergone disk surgery five years prior, to ensure everything was still okay.

A few days later, an Ochsner radiologist notified her that she needed to see a cardiologist because plaque had been found in her carotid artery, which carries blood to the brain.

Regardless of her busy schedule, she underwent a procedure at the end of June 2023, where a catheter revealed a 95% to 99% blocked artery. The California native had two stents placed into a coronary artery.

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Despite the severity of the blockage, Mulkey had not experienced any symptoms and was unaware she had any heart issues before the procedure.

Two months after she coached the Lady Tigers to their first NCAA championship in program history, the procedure was potentially life-saving.

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