Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case: Is Robert Smith Still In Jail? KIds And Family

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Kristi Abrahams’ decision to murder her child, Kiesha Abrahams, devastated the entire family.

The Kiesha Abrahams murder case is one of Australian history’s most devastating criminal cases. 

Kiesha Abrahams, a six-year-old girl, was brutally murdered by her mother and stepfather in 2010. The case was highly publicized and has remained in the public consciousness for over a decade. 

While Kristi Abrahams is serving her sentence, the fate of Robert Smith remains uncertain. Kiesha’s family and children have been forever impacted by her death, and they continue to struggle to come to terms with their loss.

It revealed the horrific abuse and neglect some children suffer and highlighted the importance of reporting suspected child abuse. 

Kiesha Abrahams Murder Case

The Police investigation found that Kiesha Abrahams had been murdered by her mother, Kristi Abrahams, and stepfather, Robert Smith.

Kiesha was a six-year-old girl who went missing from her home in Mount Druitt, Sydney, in 2010. Kiesha’s body was found in a shallow grave in the Blue Mountains, and the couple was charged with murder.

Kiesha Weippeart’s mother pleaded guilty to murdering her. (Source:

The court case was highly publicized, and it revealed the horrific abuse and neglect that Kiesha suffered at the hands of her mother and stepfather. Kristi Abrahams was sentenced to 22 years for Kiesha’s murder, while Robert Smith was sentenced to 12 years as an accessory to murder and manslaughter.

According to the police, Kiesha was struck by Abrahams when she refused to put on her pajamas, rendering her unconscious.

Kiesha allegedly passed away shortly after the pair put her to bed and into the shower.

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Kiesha’s murder devastated her family, especially her Father, Christopher Weippeart, and her grandmother, Wendy. Kiesha’s Father was not living with Kiesha at the time of her death, and he was not aware of the abuse and neglect that she suffered. 

Is Robert Smith Still In Jail? 

Robert Smith has served almost 12 years in jail for his role in Kiesha’s murder. 

He was eligible for parole in 2021, and there were rumors that he might be granted parole. However, the decision was delayed, and there is still no news on whether he will be released.

Smith’s sentence was shorter than Kristi Abrahams’s, and he was charged as an accessory to murder and manslaughter rather than the actual murder. 

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However, his role in Kiesha’s death cannot be ignored, and the public is still divided on whether he deserves to be released.

Kiesha Abrahams Kids: Meet The Family

Kristi Abrahams had three kids: Kiesha, her older brother, and a younger sister. 

After Kiesha was killed, the Department of Family and Community Services took custody of her siblings. The children were separated, and the tragedy forever changed their lives.

FuneralMourners at Kiesha Abrahams’s funeral in September 2011. (Source:

Kiesha’s older brother was deeply affected by his sister’s death. He was placed in a residential care facility and struggled to cope with the trauma he had experienced. He was later reunited with his younger sister and placed in the care of their grandmother.

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Kiesha’s younger sister was only four years old when her sister was murdered. 

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After being placed in foster care, she struggled to cope with the death of her sister and the changes that had occurred in her life. She was later reunited with her older brother and placed in the care of their grandmother.

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