Kenwood High School lifts lockdown after suspect arrested amidst shooting reports

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Baltimore, MD – On Friday, December 1, 2023, Kenwood High School in Essex, Maryland was placed under lockdown after authorities responded to reports of a potential threat involving an armed individual inside the school premises.

The lockdown was initiated around 11 a.m. when concerns arose about a possible armed person within the school. Carl Armstrong, the school’s principal, stated that the decision to lock down the school was made after reports suggested someone may have been in possession of a weapon on school grounds.

Law enforcement swiftly responded to the situation, with both school resource officers and Baltimore County Police arriving at the scene. Authorities conducted a thorough search and arrested a suspect in the auditorium. However, upon investigation, no weapon was found in the possession of the arrested individual.

The lockdown was lifted once the suspect was removed from the school premises. Despite the absence of an actual threat, the incident understandably caused anxiety and concern among students, staff, and parents within the Kenwood High School community.

Students were seen evacuating the school amidst a significant police presence, with tactical units responding to the situation. Elijah Jones, a tenth-grade student, described the experience as distressing, stating that many were scared and emotional during the incident.

While some students evacuated the building, others were instructed to shelter in place as a precautionary measure during the lockdown. Baltimore County Police, including tactical units and K-9 teams, were actively involved in resolving the situation.

Parents expressed their distress upon receiving information about the incident, highlighting the alarming nature of the situation and its impact on the community.

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Addressing concerns, Principal Armstrong reassured parents about the school’s commitment to safety. He urged students and parents to promptly report any suspicious activities or potential threats to school authorities for immediate action.

Following the incident, counselors will be available to offer additional support to students and families who may require assistance processing the events that transpired during the lockdown.

Baltimore County Police, in response to a circulating video on social media, clarified that the tactical team’s entry and the evacuation of students followed the ALICE protocol (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate), a part of the BCPS Active Assailant Protocol, ensuring student safety during such incidents.

The swift and coordinated response of law enforcement agencies helped ensure the safety of all students, and the situation was resolved without any harm.

The article aims to highlight the events surrounding the lockdown at Kenwood High School, emphasizing the absence of a confirmed threat and the efforts undertaken by authorities to maintain safety on campus.

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