Kenneth Washington Is Still Alive- The Last Living Cast Member Of Hogan’s Heroes

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The only cast member of Hogan’s Heroes still alive is Kenneth Washington.

Kenneth Washington’s filmography includes the 1969 film Changes (starring Terri Garr), as well as the TV movies Money on the Side (starring Christopher Lloyd and Gary Graham), J. Edgar Hoover, and Cry Rape.

As a television and movie Actor, Kenneth Washington is best known for his roles as Officer Miller on Adam-12 and Sergeant Richard Baker on Hogan’s Heroes. 

Kenneth Washington Is Still Alive- The Last Living Cast Member Of Hogan’s Heroes

Kenneth Washington is still alive, and he is also the last living cast member of Hogan Heroes. On October 19, 1946, Washington was born. As of 2023, he is 76 years old.

Kenneth Washington as Sergeant Richard Baker in Hogan’s Heroes (Source:

Washington has been the only surviving member of the main cast of Hogan’s Heroes since Robert Clary’s passing in November 2022.

His role as Sgt. In the final season of the television show Hogan’s Heroes, Richard Baker is perhaps the one for which he is best remembered. In the Police Drama Adam-12, he made several appearances as Officer Miller.

Kenneth Washington Career Details Explored

The American family Drama series Daktari, which aired on CBS, was where Washington began his television career. In Swahili, the word “doctor” is “daktari.” 

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In 1956’s The Birds and the Bees, Washington’s role went uncredited. 

As Officer Miller, he frequently appeared in Adam-12. The Star Trek episode “That Which Survives” will always be remembered by fans of the show as the one-sided Engineer John B. Watkins, played by Washington. 

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Washington was hired as a series regular on Hogan’s Heroes in 1970. Throughout the 1970s, he played several guest stars. A Different World featured Washington as a guest star in 1989.

Kenneth Washington As Sergeant Richard Baker In Hogan’s Heroes

In the 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, Staff Sergeant Richard Baker, played by Ivan Dixon, takes the place of Sergeant James Kinchloe around episode 25. 

However, Baker would only appear on the show in the first episode of season six. Kenneth Washington played the part of him.

Hogans HeroesA scene from Hogan’s Heroes (Source: itsabouttv)

Besides the fact that he assumed Sergeant Kinchloe’s responsibilities as the group’s radio operator and electronic expert, not much is known about Sergeant Baker’s background, including where he was born, how he was raised, or what kind of education he received. 

According to what is known about him, he is taught to play the upright bass, just like Kinchloe. Although Sergeant Baker’s ultimate fate is unknown, it is safe to assume that he is freed during the Allied armies’ final advance.

What Happens At The End Of Hogan’s Heroes?

There is no reason to believe that the final episode, which aired on July 4, 1971, was not one of the many episodes from that season. As ardent supporters of the Nazi regime, Burkhalter and Hochstetter would have likely been captured by the Allies themselves by the time the series ended.

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Hogan and his men would have likely backed Schultz, who was merely a laborer doing a job he didn’t particularly enjoy, and perhaps even Klink, who, in the end, didn’t have any animosity toward the POWs was too incompetent to have caused too much harm.

Kennedy followed through on his decision to replace LBJ on the ticket in 1964 with charismatic Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey.

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Bobby survives the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel ballroom shooting because Vice President Humphrey, a devoted JFK supporter, is unanimously selected to carry on the New Frontier’s legacy.

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