Josh Giddey and Liv Cook age during viral Video: Know the age of consent in Oklahoma and Australia

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The Oklahoma City Thunder’s rising star, Josh Giddey, finds himself embroiled in controversy following allegations of a relationship with a high school student named Liv Cook. The purported involvement between the 21-year-old NBA player and Cook, reportedly 15 or 16 years old, has ignited widespread concern over the age gap and ethical implications, especially considering varying consent laws.

A viral video featuring Liv Cook confessing her ties to Giddey has sent shockwaves among fans, sparking significant criticism and disappointment within the NBA community and the public at large.

Josh Giddey from the OKC thunder with an under-age girl. First video he is talking to her brother. This is Disgusting and this man needs to be punished. We can’t let this go under the surface any longer. This needs to be seen. Girl is a junior in high school.

— ☀️ (@wstgoat7) November 23, 2023

At the heart of the issue is the significant age difference between Giddey and Liv Cook, raising eyebrows about the moral aspects despite Oklahoma State’s age of consent set at 16. Many express reservations regarding relationships between adults and 16 or 17-year-old teenagers, particularly since the majority of states and other countries establish the age of consent at 18.

Josh Giddey ain’t beating the allegations…

— Buttcrack Sports (@ButtCrackSports) November 23, 2023

Complicating matters further is Oklahoma’s exception allowing consenting relations between an adult and a minor if married. However, the potential ramifications for Giddey’s career are profound, given the possibility of statutory rape charges if Cook proves to be only 15 years old.

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Under Oklahoma statutes, engaging in relations with a 14 or 15-year-old as an individual older than 18 could lead to serious consequences, including imprisonment for one to 15 years.

The critical focus now centers on determining the timeline of events, specifically when the alleged pictures with Giddey were taken and confirming Liv Cook’s actual age. Confusion arises as Cook herself seems uncertain about her age, posting a video captioned with #imoverage21 on TikTok.

Josh giddey bro this ain’t good #minor

— Speedway (@Sppeedwayy) November 23, 2023

Interestingly, Giddey’s Australian background has brought attention to the age of consent in Australia, set at 16. As the public awaits responses from both the Oklahoma City Thunder and Josh Giddey, efforts continue to unravel the truth behind this controversial situation.

Across the United States, the legal age of consent varies among states, typically set between 16 and 18 years old. Some states employ tiered systems that consider age gaps between individuals involved, and here is a breakdown of specific states and their respective age of consent laws (list provided).

  • Alabama: 16
  • Alaska: 16
  • Arizona: 18
  • Arkansas: 16
  • California: 18
  • Colorado: 17
  • Connecticut: 16
  • Delaware: 18
  • Florida: 18
  • Georgia: 16
  • Hawaii: 16
  • Idaho: 18
  • Illinois: 16
  • Kansas: 16
  • Kentucky: 18
  • Louisiana: 15
  • Maine: 16
  • Massachusetts: 16
  • Michigan: 16
  • Minnesota: 16
  • Missouri: 17
  • Montana: 16
  • New Hampshire: 16
  • New Jersey: 17
  • New York: 17
  • North Carolina: 16
  • North Dakota: 18
  • Ohio: 16
  • Oklahoma: 16
  • Oregon: 18
  • Pennsylvania: 16
  • Rhode Island: 16
  • South Carolina: 16
  • Tennessee: 18
  • Texas: 17 (Romeo and Juliet law)
  • Utah: 18
  • Vermont: 16
  • Virginia: 18
  • West Virginia: 16
  • Wisconsin: 18
  • Wyoming: 18
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Please be aware that these ages might change, and it is crucial to refer to your state’s laws for accurate information regarding the age of consent.

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