John Motson Illness And Health: What Happened To The Voice Of Football? Obituary

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People want to know about John Motson illness. Football pundit John Walker Motson, OBE, was from England.

He began his career with the BBC in 1971 as a television analyst and called more than 2000 games on radio and television.

Except for a brief period in the middle of the 1990s, Motson dominated the BBC’s football commentary from the late 1970s to 2008.

In December 1990, “battling horizontal sleet showers ahead of Wycombe Wanderers’ FA Cup match with Peterborough United,” he started donning his signature sheepskin coat.

Motson announced that he was giving up live television commentary in 2008. He continued commenting on CBeebies’ Footy Pups, covering games for Match of the Day highlights, and appearing on BBC Radio 5 Live.

He retired ultimately from BBC commentary in September 2017 after covering 29 FA Cup finals, 10 UEFA European Championships, and 10 FIFA World Cups.

He declared in July 2018 that he would be leaving retirement to work for Talksport. Be with us till the end to learn more about John Motson Illness.

John Motson Illness And Health Update

People want to know about John Motson Illness. John Motson, a legendary commentator, died tragically at 77.

The iconic broadcaster, who was up in Salford, Lancashire, and joined the BBC in 1968 to work as a sports presenter for Radio 2, became a household name over the course of a 50-year career.

He finally received an OBE in 2001 for his services to sports broadcasting due to his efforts in the industry.

“It is with great sadness that we report that John Motson OBE passed away peacefully in his sleep today (Thursday),” his family said.

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John Motson Illness. (Source: Instagram)

“Motson covered 10 World Cups, 10 European Championships, and 29 FA Cup finals for BBC Sport before retiring from the organization in 2018,” according to a BBC statement announcing his passing.

He was commonly known as “Motty,” He had been a Match of the Day commentator since 1971, covering nearly 2,500 televised games.

Motson became famous for his sheepskin coat and began his career as a newspaper reporter for the Sheffield Morning Telegraph and the Barnet Press.

He initially experienced working behind the microphone while employed in Sheffield.

What Happened To The Voice Of Football John Motson? Obituary

The renowned football analyst John Motson passed away at the age of 77. Motson was one of the most recognizable voices in English football during his 50 years of service to the BBC.

During that time, he provided commentary for more than 2,500 games on radio and television.

Before leaving the BBC in 2018, Motson noted for his distinctive sheepskin coat and affectionately known as “Motty,” covered 29 FA Cup finals, 10 European Championships, and 10 World Cup finals.

That year’s Match of the Day included his final appearance; he presided over Crystal Palace’s 2-0 victory over West Brom at home, followed by a standing ovation from the crowd.

Afterward, he made a brief return from retirement to work at TalkSport.

“It is with great sadness that we report that John Motson OBE passed away peacefully in his sleep today,” said a brief statement from Motson’s family.

Early Life of John Motson

Motson’s Father served as a Methodist minister in Salford, Lancashire, where he was born. He was baptized and spent summers as a child in Boston, Lincolnshire.

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As a youngster, he had been a fan of Boston United and remembered the team’s FA Cup victory over Derby County in 1955.

John Motson IllnessLegendary commentator John Motson has died aged 77. (Source: Instagram)

He attended Culford School, which is close to Bury St. Edmunds. Football was mainly discouraged at Culford Public School then; the preferred sports for students were rugby union, field hockey, and cricket.

Motson started his career as a newspaper reporter in Chipping Barnet in 1963. He originally covered football while working for the Sheffield Morning Telegraph in 1967 and 1968.

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