Jessica Tarlov Pregnant With Second Baby: Meet Her Husband Brian McKenna

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People are curious to know is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant With Second Baby. Let’s learn about her husband, Brian McKenna, and other details.

The Canadian maker of documentaries is Brian McKenna. His award-winning films on Canadian history and examining the globe at war are the most well-known.

McKenna is very private and enjoys keeping his personal information hidden from the public eye.

A Canadian documentary filmmaker named Brian McKenna and Jessica Tarlov were married in 2021.

Jessica is a well-known Fox News guest, American political strategist, and TV personality.

Since she rose to popularity, many people have developed a keen interest in learning about her personal life, particularly her relationships.

While dating, Jessica Tarlov did a great job keeping her relationship with Brian Mckenna a secret.

She revealed their engagement after keeping their relationship a secret for almost 15 months. Keep reading to learn more to know Jessica Tarlov Pregnant With Second Baby. 

Jessica Tarlov Pregnant With Second Baby

Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant With Second Baby? This news has become viral worldwide, but she has not revealed anything regarding this news. 

On Wednesday in 2021, on Fox News’s The Five, things became awkward when Dana Perino persuaded co-host, Jessica Tarlov to reveal a pregnancy that had not been made public.

Jessica Tarlov Pregnant news is a rumor. (Source: Yahoo)

They were discussing the novel things they had all done throughout the pandemic. Jesse Watters discussed his book Writing and Parenthood. Perino then turned to face Tarlov.

But Perino didn’t seem to realize that the pregnancy was a secret, seemingly sincere.

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Perino closed the interview with her head in her hands as they cut to a commercial, visibly mortified but also happy for Tarlov.

Meet Her Husband Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna, who directs documentaries, is wed to Jessica Tarlov. The Canadian was born on August 8, 1945, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

His award-winning documentaries on Canadian history and the study of war are the most well-known.

The Fifth Estate, a CBC documentary series that won Oscar and Emmy awards and lasted from 1975 to 1988, was also founded by Brian McKenna.

Jessica Tarlov and Cleo Markie McKenna, the daughter of Brian McKenna and Jessica Tarlov

The filmmaker once covered politics for the Montreal Star.

The three-part series The Valour and the Horror, which earned accolades for Best Direction, Best Writing, and Best Documentary Series in both English and French, is one of the many projects he has collaborated on with his brother Terence, who is also a filmmaker.

Award-winning reporting on Canada’s wars, such as the War of 1812, the First and Second World Wars, and the Korean War, is among McKenna’s achievements.

One of the well-known director’s successes in the documentary film genre is co-authoring the Penguin Books biography of former Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau.

Jessica Tarlov Child Details

Jessica Tarlov and her spouse have a child. The gorgeous Fox News star gave birth to a girl named Cleo Markie McKenna on December 11, 2021, along with her husband, Brian McKenna.

As previously said, Jessica tries to keep her personal life quiet, but the news of her pregnancy was made public on September 9, 2021, thanks to Dana Perino, co-host of the Fox News talk show The Five.

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Jessica’s coworkers from The Five surprised her with a baby shower on December 8, 2021; the funniest gift they could think of was a framed, hand-signed picture of Greg Gutfeld.

Jessica Tarlov PregnantJessica Tarlov with husband and daughter. (Source: The Hill)

The Five actors welcomed Jessica and Brian, congratulated them, displayed a photo of baby Cleo, and expressed their good wishes for the new mother.

Despite not having an Instagram account, the presenter does have a Twitter account where she frequently tweets about her job and shares pictures of her family.

Although the presenter doesn’t have an Instagram account, she does have a Twitter account where she regularly tweets about her job and posts images of her family.

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