Jay Bloom Obituary and Death Hoax: What Happened to Billionaire? Rumours Explained

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Jay Bloom obituary is among people’s search, and everyone is asking about his death rumors. Find out more in this article.

Jay Bloom is an American businessman who has invested in several business ventures over the years. Bloom is also noted for establishing Pegasus Group Holdings, which owns and runs data center ecosystems using renewable energy.

Besides that, Bloom is also the director of a company called First 100, a company that buys delinquent liens on HOA properties and takes the support of Nevada law to foreclose and become the owners of these properties.

In the same way, he founded Police Chase Las Vegas. The American billionaire has other businesses, too and lately, he has been the trending topic on the internet.

Jay Bloom Obituary: What Happened to Billionaire? 

Jay Bloom obituary has been searched heavily on the internet. The rumors of the billionaire’s death have been circulating online for the past few days.

However, it is just a rumor which circulated on the web without any facts. Bloom is still alive and is kicking in his life. Also, there is no official news regarding Bloom’s demise.

Jay Bloom is still alive and is kicking in his life. ( Source: Facebook )

Meanwhile, people may have gotten confused as there were some other individuals in the past with the same name who died. Some obituary-sharing sites on the internet have posted obituaries of those people.

So, due to that, online users may have been searching for Bloom’s obituary. As said earlier, the news is completely fake, as Bloom is still alive.

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Jay Bloom Death Hoax Rumors Explained

Jay Bloom has been rumored to be dead, but he is still alive. So, his death hoax has been debunked. The topic of Bloom’s passing has remained in the media for the past few days.

All of these may have been started as the world is currently shocked by the death of five people on OceanGate’s Titan that went missing. In the Titan submersible, a father-son duo was also exploring, and they lost their lives.

Jay Bloom Death HoaxJay Bloom became a hot topic on the internet after he released a conversation between him and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush. ( Source: Facebook )

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Bloom and his son Sean were also offered seats on the Titanic submersible that went missing, but they declined them.

It has been said that Bloom and his son received an offer in May 2023. Bloom himself made the announcement via his Facebook account and also revealed the text between him and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush.

Where Is Jay Bloom Now?

Jay Bloom is based in Las Vegas, and it can be said that he is busy with his personal and professional life. Bloom is an active Facebook user who makes regular posts on his account.

Apart from that, Bloom is a married man as he has a son named Sean. Meanwhile, the name of his wife remains unclear as Jay has not given many hints about it to the media.

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Jay Bloom SonJay Bloom shared a photo with his son Sean on his Facebook account. ( Source: Facebook )

The American billionaire mainly prefers to keep his personal matters to himself rather than share the information with the media. It can be said that Bloom lives a happy life with his family members privately.

Furthermore, Jay is one of the richest figures whose net worth is estimated to be at least $1 billion, which he earned from his multiple business ventures. 

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