James Nesbitt Weight Loss Journey: Does He Wear A Wig? Hair Transplant And Surgery Update

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James Nesbitt weight loss journey has been a top topic of discussion on the Internet. Read further to learn about Nesbitt hair transplant updates as well.

Nesbitt is an Actor; he has his first breakthrough from a television show, Cold feet.

He played the lead role of Adam Williams in the comedy series till 2003. And he has again been involved in the show since 2016 to present.

Nesbitt moved to London when he was 18 to pressure his acting career; his Father was the one who pushed him to choose his career choice first. 

The Actor mentioned it was hard for him when he first moved into London; he never had any idea how people would treat him. But today, everyone knows him as a great Actor and has been following him.

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James Nesbitt Weight Loss Journey

James Nesbitt has not lost much weight loss recently or at any time in the past. But he has always been clear about his health condition and maintains his diet.

The Actor is earnest about his fitness and always follows the proper diet to maintain his body. 

As he is in the film industry, it is always essential to maintain himself to be back as an Actor, so he has always been ready and has maintained his body.

James Nesbitt looks in the new role of Lucky Man. (Image Source: Independent.ie)

Nesbitt, in an interview, said that the last thing people need to know about him is what he has eaten or when he was last in the toilet. 

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The Actor has not shared what he uses for his diet to maintain his body. He constantly goes to the gym but never has gone for a long time. He mentioned he always felt weak the day after he went to the gym.

As per some sources, he is 84 kgs currently and has been 84 for a long time because of his diet and also for being strict about his fitness.

Does He Wear A Wig? Hair Transplant And Surgery Update

The Actor said that he is always in the public eye and his hair loss might be his career’s most significant disadvantage.

So, Nesbitt has been in more than two hair transplants, he might not have had any plastic surgery, but he has been in hair transplants most of the time.

After going through a hair transplant, he said it was worth every penny he spent on it. You can see a clear difference in his pictures which have been out before his transplant and after. 

James Nesbitt in 2007, and how he looks in Cold Feet today.James Nesbitt in 2007, and how he looks in Cold Feet today. (Image Source: The Sun)

As the Actor said, his hair might cause a difference in his acting career; he was back in the leading role in many movies after having a hair transplant.

Talking about wearing a wig, he might have worn a wig for his charter in some movie, but he has not used it in real life.

Nesbitt said that the tension, pressure, and his 22 years of marriage might be the reason for hair loss. He was married to his ex-wife, Sonia Forbes-Adams.

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Also, he finalized his divorce in 2016 and said he regrets how he handled things while going through the divorce process. 

Additionally, it has been mentioned that he has already gone through his sixth hair transplant. 

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