Jackie Miller Video Gone Viral: Why Did Ohio School Bus Driver Resign?

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The Ohio bus driver’s viral video appears to have captured the public’s attention, and now a t-shirt has been created using the lingo she employs to chastise the pupils.

Not only that but there was also a $50,000 to $60,000 fundraising event. It’s to facilitate her retirement.

It has been said that her tirade, during which she vowed to “kick some f-kin’ serious ass” because she was “done with the s-t,” came after at least two years of harassment by a core group of young people on her Amherst route.

A few hours later, according to her, the district superintendent called to tell her she had been put on paid administrative leave awaiting a thorough investigation.

More than $60,000 has already been raised through the GoFundMe that was started to support the bus driver while she takes some time off and looks for new employment in the wake of the controversy over a a viral video of Miller ranting at the youngsters.

Jackie Miller Video Gone Viral

Jackie Miller openly confesses that the afternoon of March 29 was not one of her best times.

However, the former school bus driver stands by her decision to give many junior high pupils on her route a tongue-lashing that included more than a few choice words that were recorded on cellphone video and went viral.

School bus driver Jackie Miller is heard screaming at a pupil in a still image taken from a student’s smartphone footage on March 29, 2023. (Source: Stnonilne)

Shortly after the longer-than-two-minute video began accumulating millions of views on Facebook and Tik Tok, Miller announced her resignation from Amherst Exempted Village Schools in Cleveland, Ohio.

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In fact, she indicated that she knew what had just happened would not end well for her as she sat in the driver’s seat after the outburst.

She had reached her breaking point, though, after the junior high school administration ignored her repeated complaints about the behaviour of the students.

Ohio School Bus Driver Resigned After Video Gone Viral

After a video of a school bus driver in Ohio shouting at pupils went viral on social media, she resigned from her position.

Jackie Miller, a former bus driver for Amherst, was caught on tape cursing and yelling at children; the video has since received millions of views.

Miller expressed regret for her actions but justified them in an interview with WKYC 3 Studios in Cleveland, claiming that a core group of kids had deliberately incited her for the previous two years.

Jackie Miller, an Ohio bus driver, says she misses the student she used to transport, but she won’t be going back to the position she hurriedly left after being bullied by a gang of misbehaving students.

The driver expressed her regret for her actions and offered to make amends. She had an extremely difficult day that day.

Other students doused her in perfume, which led to a terrible asthma attack. Also, she expressed her regret for her behavior but insisted that she would stand by her words. About the reprimand that resulted in her resignation, she made this statement.

A new T-shirt featuring the saying was soon released by the local clothing retailer Errors on the Lake.

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“I got back to the barn and I parked my bus,” Miller recalled in an interview with School Transportation News on Wednesday, one week after the incident. “I went into dispatch and I told the dispatcher, I said, I really don’t think I’m coming back after spring break because I can’t take it anymore. I just can’t. And I punched out and went home.”

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