Is The Anti Aging Promoter Kernel CEO Bryan Johnson Gay?

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When talking about the public figure Bryan Johnson, many people are eagerly waiting for the answer: Is Bryan Johnson gay?

Bryan Johnson, born on August 22, 1977, is an American entrepreneur, venture capitalist, writer, and author.

Moreover, he’s notably the founder of Kernel, a company working on advanced neural interfaces to boost human thinking.

Before starting Kernel in 2016, Bryan launched another company named Braintree, which offers online payment solutions for websites and mobile apps.

Because of his achievements, he has gained respect and attention in the business world.

He’s also drawn media focus for his Project Blueprint, which is aimed at anti-aging.

Recently, there’s been curiosity about Bryan Johnson’s personal life, particularly his sexuality, with some wondering if he is gay.

Is Bryan Johnson Gay? The Truth!

Bryan Johnson has significantly contributed to various industries, especially entrepreneurship and technology.

Being a public figure has often led to unwarranted scrutiny and speculations about his personal life.

Recently, there has been much speculation about Bryan Johnson’s sexuality, suggesting that Bryan Johnson might be gay.

However, the rumors about Bryan Johnson’s sexuality don’t seem true because his past relationships show otherwise.

Bryan with straight face and blue shirtBryan has not revealed much about the status of his current relationship. (Source: Instagram)

In the past, Bryan has had an engagement and has also been married once.

Additionally, he also had three children with one of his relationships. Further, some rumors have linked him with other women as well.

Moreover, rumors escalated when claims arose about him using a “sugar daddy” app. His ex-fiancée made this statement.

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Likewise, Bryan Johnson himself hasn’t addressed his sexual orientation, so there’s no confirmation that he is gay.

However, people speculate about Bryan Johnson being gay without evidence.

Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that a person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t overshadow their professional accomplishments.

Similarly, the increased speculation arose because of the attention Bryan received due to his past engagement.

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How Bryan Johnson’s Recent Relationship Ended?

Taryn Southern and Bryan Johnson were engaged until 2021.

They met in 2016 and moved in together within four months of dating. They decided to get engaged in 2018. However, their relationship faced challenges.

After facing difficulties in their relationship, the couple publicly discussed their issues.

Later, in 2021, Taryn filed a lawsuit against Bryan Johnson.

In her statement, she accused Bryan of ending their relationship after she received a breast cancer diagnosis.

Additionally, she claimed that he was unfaithful to her and had relationships with other women.

Bryan and Taryn smiling The ex-fiancée of Bryan Johnson sued him. (Source: New York Post)

Moreover, Taryn Southern also said Bryan was controlling and that he pushed her into a polyamorous lifestyle.

Furthermore, she also claims that he asked intrusive questions about her past.

Similarly, she mentioned feeling emotionally and financially mistreated, especially during her cancer treatments.

However, Bryan denied all claims, stating that Southern tried to blackmail him with false accusations. The lawsuit is ongoing, and the end is still unknown.

Nevertheless, their relationship had many issues. Apart from this controversy, other reasons have put Bryan Johnson in the spotlight.

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Bryan Johnson’s Son Involved In Controversial Experiment

Bryan Johnson had children from his previous relationship before Taryn Southern.

He has three kids from a past marriage: Jefferson, Talmage, and Genevieve.

Recently, 17-year-old Talmage Johnson joined his dad and grandfather in a unique medical experiment.

Bryan Johnson and his son no shirt holding tube with bloodBryan and his son completed the world’s first multi-generational plasma exchange. (Source: Instagram)

They all participated in a plasma exchange, swapping blood plasma among the three generations.

Likewise, Bryan says Talmage agreed to this experiment on his own.

While Talmage hasn’t publicly shared his thoughts about this project, he seems to support his dad based on what he shares on social media.

This experiment and Bryan’s family involvement have sparked interest and questions among people about Bryan Johnson.

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