Is Tennis Player Stefanos Tsitsipas Hair Real? Long Hairstyle – How Did He Grow His Hair

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During the question-and-answer session with his fans, Stefanos Tsitsipas shared the secret to his long hair.

One of the most well-liked male players on tour is the fifth-seeded Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas, renowned for his flamboyant playing style and long, luscious hair.

Fans frequently comment on the athlete’s hair, but one aspect of his flowing locks has caused quite a stir.

Tsitsipas is frequently questioned about how he takes care of his hair, and his shocking admission that he “never” uses shampoo on it instead of conditioner shocked many of his fans.

National Hair Day is observed on October 1 in the U.S. Tennis players decided to create a theme for their hair at the 2020 U.S. Open, and Tsitsipas was among the first to do so.

Is Tennis Player Stefanos Tsitsipas Hair Real? 

Yes, Stefanos Tsitsipas’s hair is real. In interviews with the BBC, Stefanos Tsitsipas described his daily regimen to maintain healthy, shiny hair.

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ long hair is an iconic part of the Greek tennis player. (Source: au.sports)

The tennis champion mentioned his daily 20-minute hair-combing routine, which includes olive oil, baby oil, and Greek oregano. 

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The Greek tennis player was questioned about his hair and whether he cut it during quarantine in New York in August 2021, just before the start of the U.S. Open. Tsitsipas told the aspiring Journalist that he doesn’t recall getting his hair cut during the lockdown because he doesn’t trust anyone to do it.

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How Did Stefanos Tsitsipas Grow His Hair?

It’s impossible to predict Stefanos Tsitsipas. During a Q&A session, he told his fans that one pet peeve is shampoo.

Stefanos Tsitsipas hair careStefanos Tsitsipas reveals his hair care routine in an interview with BBC Sport. (Source: Twitter)

A supporter who calls himself an unredeemable fan of boy bands asked the Greeks to stop doing his hair. He replied that you should only use conditioner and never shampoo. It was deemed a wise decision by the fan. Others, however, were rubbing their freshly shampooed heads. 

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Tsitsipas persuaded Naomi Osaka last year that he had dyed his hair with mayonnaise, vinegar, wasabi, and Greek olive oil. That was a joke, but maybe skipping the shampoo and going straight to the conditioner is a thing in Greece.

Did Stefanos Tsitsipas Put Mayonnaise In His Hair?

Stefanos Tsitsipas remains in the spotlight in the tennis world for disclosing his daily hair regimen. Still, fans can remember the mayonnaise joke on Naomi Osaka, the ATP tribute to Greek hairdressers, and the lack of faith in his Father to give him a haircut.

Tsitsipas and Osaka frequently shared online posts during the tennis ban’s quarantine period. The Japanese former world number one said she admired him at the time, which was in 2020. He complimented her social and anti-racist actions while speaking cordially.

He made history by playing a hair-related prank on Osaka. When asked how he maintains such healthy hair, he first applies Greek olive oil to his hair before following it up with wasabi and vinegar. He added that he leaves it for roughly 25 or 30 minutes before he showers.

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When Osaka discovers that he teases her, she called him a liar. Tsitsipas continued, in jest, that he had always thought he was terrible at lying but that he had recently improved.

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