Is Shahzada Dawood Related To Dawood Ibrahim? Family And Net Worth

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Is Shahzada Dawood Related to Dawood Ibrahim? Find the connection between these two figures. 

Shahzada Dawood is a Pakistani-British businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He holds Maltese citizenship and is involved in various roles and organizations.

Dawood Ibrahim is a notorious figure known as a criminal and the alleged mastermind behind organized crime syndicates in India.

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Is Shahzada Dawood Related To Dawood Ibrahim?

There is no publicly known or established relationship between Shahzada Dawood and Dawood Ibrahim. It’s important to differentiate between individuals with similar names, as they can be entirely unrelated.

Dawood and Ibrahim are two individuals from different countries and have distinct backgrounds. They are not related to each other in any publicly known or established way.

Considering their nationalities, backgrounds, and involvement in business and criminal activities.

Shahzada Dawood and Dawood Ibrahim come from different backgrounds and are not related. (Image Source: India Today)

There is no known connection or relationship between Shahzada Dawood and Dawood Ibrahim.

It’s essential to avoid assuming any relationship between individuals solely based on similar names or general similarities.

Understandably, people may become confused due to the similarity in names between Dawood and Ibrahim.

However, it is important to note that having a common name does not imply any familial or personal relationship between individuals.

Shahzada Dawood Family Details 

Shahzada Dawood, a Pakistan-born businessman, and his wife, Christine Dawood, lead a family of four residing in Surbiton, South-West London. They have two children, Suleman and Alina.

Shahzada pursued his education in the UK, studying Law at the University of Buckingham after moving there from Pakistan.

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Recently, tragedy struck as Shahzada and his 19-year-old son, Suleman, went missing during a tourist submarine expedition to search for the Titanic wreckage.

The family’s quiet life took an unexpected turn as the search continued for a third day, leaving many curious about their lives and careers.

Is Shahzada Dawood Related To Dawood IbrahimShahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son who is currently missing. (Image Source: Insider)

Shahzada’s father, Hussain Dawood, is a prominent Pakistani businessman believed to be the source of Shahzada’s reported vast wealth.

Shahzada has been involved in business and holds significant positions in two companies. He has been a Director of Dawood Hercules Corporation, a family company, since May 1996. 

Christine Dawood, Shahzada’s wife, is an Oxford graduate who transitioned into a business and life coach. She founded Next Step Now, a business mentoring company, in 2018.

Christine’s career has taken her to various countries such as Germany, France, Pakistan, and England.

She also contributes to the Dawood family’s philanthropic endeavors through her involvement as a trustee on the board of The Dawood Foundation, a non-profit organization.

As the search for the missing submarine continues, Shahzada and Christine’s families express gratitude for the outpouring of good wishes.

Shahzada Dawood Net Worth 

Shahzada Dawood, hailing from one of Pakistan’s wealthiest families, has a significant net worth estimated to be in the multi-millions.

As the son of Hussain Dawood, a prominent businessman and the 19th richest Pakistani with a net worth of $370 million, Shahzada’s financial standing is substantial.

Hussain holds the chairman positions in two major Pakistani companies: The Dawood Hercules Corporation and Engro Corporation.

Is Shahzada Dawood Related To Dawood IbrahimShahzada Dawood has had a successful and notable career. (Image Source: Fox Business)

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As the vice-chairman of Engro, Shahzada shares in his father’s wealth and success. While the exact figures are unknown, various sources estimate Shahzada Dawood’s net worth to be around $350 million.

His position within Engro and his family’s business ventures have contributed to his considerable financial status, solidifying his position among Pakistan’s affluent elite.

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