Is Ruby Franke Pregnant In 2023? Illness And Health Issue

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Is Ruby Franke Pregnant? Her current situation has been serving as a focal point, prompting online discussions and raising awareness about online influence.

Ruby Franke is an American former family vlogger and content creator known for her YouTube channel, “8 Passengers,” which she started in 2015.

She gained popularity by featuring her husband, Kevin Franke, a former engineering professor at Brigham Young University, and their six children.

The Franke family faced online criticism due to their parenting decisions showcased in their “8 Passengers” video blog, which drew significant public backlash.

Notably, one video highlighted a controversial choice to prohibit their oldest son from his bedroom for seven months due to pranking his younger brother.

Ruby’s name has recently been circulating online amid legal proceedings, rumors, and divorce filings involving her husband, Kevin Franke.

The situation has sparked discussions about the complexities and ethical considerations within the world of online influence.

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Is Ruby Franke Pregnant In 2023?

Ruby Franke’s name has become a subject of widespread speculation on the internet, giving rise to various rumors, including one suggesting her pregnancy.

However, it’s essential to clarify that this is entirely false; she is not pregnant. Ruby and her husband, Kevin Franke, already have six children together.

Ruby gained notoriety through her YouTube channel, which was initiated in 2015.

It featured her husband, a former engineering professor at Brigham Young University, and their children- Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve.

Ruby Franke, the mother of six children, is not pregnant in 2023 (Source: People Magazine)

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The Franke family faced significant online criticism due to their “8 Passengers” video blog, where parenting decisions drew public backlash.

One video highlighted their controversial choice to prohibit their oldest son from his bedroom for seven months due to pranking his younger brother.

In additional videos, Ruby discussed disciplinary actions, including withholding lunch and threatening to cut off a young girl’s stuffed toy for specific behaviors.

Another video revealed that her two youngest children were informed they wouldn’t receive presents from Santa Claus that year due to perceived selfish behavior.

This disciplinary approach involved keeping the children home from school and requiring them to clean the floorboards.

These parenting decisions, as portrayed in the videos, sparked controversy and raised concerns among online audiences.

Amidst the legal proceedings, it has surfaced that Kevin, Ruby’s husband, has taken steps to file for divorce, introducing another layer of complexity to their situation.

The limited information available about Kevin suggests an attempt to maintain a low profile during this challenging time.

The divorce filing underscores the personal impact of the legal issues on Ruby’s family.

Read About The Illness And Health Issue Of Ruby Franke 

There is no indication that Ruby Franke is currently experiencing any health issues, and she is not contending with any illness.

However, her recent legal proceedings have significantly tarnished her reputation.

The Utah mother of six, known for providing parenting advice on YouTube, pleaded guilty to child abuse charges, leading to her upcoming imprisonment.

In court, Ruby Franke, dressed in gray and white jail clothing and restrained in shackles, exhibited a moment of contemplation before admitting guilt to the initial three charges.

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Ruby Franke PregnantThe sentencing for Ruby Franke is scheduled for February 20 (Source: Rolling Stone)

The gravity of the situation became palpable when, on the fourth charge, she struggled to contain her emotions, expressing remorse.

Judge John J. Walton accepted the plea, revealing troubling details of the abuse, claiming they were deemed evil and possessed, warranting punishment for repentance.

The plea agreement outlines that Franke will serve a prison term, and the sentences will be consecutive, with the judge reserving the right to determine the sentencing specifics.

Sentencing on February 20 follows Franke’s admission to three charges, while two others keep her in custody after maintaining a not-guilty plea.

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