Is Lloyd Hulme Arrested For Accident? Mugshot And DUI Charge

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“Is Lloyd Hulme arrested?” has become a burning question after the news of the famous social media personality’s arrest surfaced online recently.

Lloyd Hulme is the legal name of Sonny Harrison, a famous social media personality.

The news surfaced first on Tattle Life, one of the biggest British-based gossip sites where there are hundreds of thousands of posts about influencers. However, the website calls itself a “commentary website on public business social media accounts.”

One of the online users, who claims to be local and civilian, revealed the news, and it has garnered massive public attention. Explore more details below.

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Is Lloyd Hulme Arrested After Car Accident?

According to an online user who first revealed the news of Lloyd Hulme’s arrest on Tattle Life, the social media star has been arrested after he crashed his car.

According to an online user, Lloyd Hulme has allegedly been arrested after he drove his car under the influence and crashed around his local. (Image Source: Adobe Stock)

The online user revealed that the accident occurred last week near his residence and is currently under police custody. The person stated that as the incident occurred recently, it might not be in the news.

The person went on to claim that they found evidence that they couldn’t upload online because they are civilians and shouldn’t know the information, to be fair.

“But as a fellow tattler, I promise I wouldn’t make this up. He (Lloyd Hulme) blew over the limit, went to police custody, and had an unfortunate-looking mugshot taken. License will be very, very, very likely,” added the person.

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While some Tattler users thought the news was fake and unfounded while expressing doubt, others seemed to believe it.

While responding to the news, a fellow Tattler wrote, “It was only a matter of time, I guess! Man has been driving around full to the brim of wine for too long. At least, the citizens of Kent area are safer now.”

Nevertheless, the Lloyd Hulme Arrest news has created a huge buzz online.

Lloyd Hulme Mugshot And DUI Charge

Lloyd Hulme’s mugshot, which was allegedly taken after he was arrested recently following a car crash, has not been made public. As the incident unfolded recently more details are yet to be made public.

Lloyd Hulme ArrestedA Tattler Life user, who claimed to be a local person, said that they saw the mugshot of Lloyd Hulme, in which he had an unfortunate-looking face. (Image Source: iStock)

However, some online users have claimed that Lloyd Hulme had an unfortunate-looking face on his official mugshot, which has been uploaded on the official site of the local authority.

As for the details of the charge, Hulme has allegedly been charged with DUI. 

DUI charges are very common yet serious; while it doesn’t only overshadow the public figure’s accomplishment, they could have grave consequences if proven true.

The accused might face severe penalties, such as losing their license to practice.

In conclusion, the rumor of Lloyd Hulme’s arrest, which has been circulating on the internet, is yet to be confirmed by officials and Lloyd himself.

Lloyd Hulme, also known as Sonny Harrison, allegedly crashed his car while driving under the influence of alcohol.

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An online user claims to have witnessed the incident and seen the evidence, and many other users have reacted to the news on Tattle Life, a gossip website.

Hulme’s mugshot and DUI charges have not been confirmed yet but could have serious consequences for his career and reputation.

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