Is FTN Bae In Jail? Singer Arrested And Charged For Stalking Doodie Lo

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Following multiple violations of a permanent restraining order, FTN Bae is in jail awaiting trial for stalking and harassment charges against fellow rapper Doodie Lo.

Rapper FTN Bae, real name Mieyoshi “Mie” Edwards, has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

The up-and-coming rapper, steadily gaining traction in the music industry, has recently been arrested and charged with stalking fellow rapper Doodie Lo.

This arrest comes after a series of legal battles between the two artists, including an $11 million defamation lawsuit won by Doodie Lo. 

Doodie Lo’s legal victory in the defamation lawsuit and subsequent legal battles with FTN Bae demonstrate the need for the music industry to address issues of violence and harassment and to support victims of such behavior. 

Is FTN Bae In Jail? 

FTN Bae has been arrested and is in jail after violating a permanent restraining order issued against her in September 2021.

Doodie Lo obtained the restraining order after FTN Bae allegedly threatened his life and family. The order prohibited FTN Bae from contacting Doodie Lo, coming within 500 feet of him, and posting about him on social media.

FTN Bae was arrested and booked into the Broward County Jail on Friday. (Source:

However, FTN Bae allegedly violated the order by continuing to contact Doodie Lo, including sending him messages on social media. She was subsequently arrested and charged with stalking and violating the restraining order.

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Despite the legal settlement, FTN Bae continued to harass and stalk Doodie Lo allegedly. In December 2021, she was arrested for violating the restraining order by posting about Doodie Lo on social media. She was released on bond but was re-arrested in February 2022 for further order violations.

FTN Bae Arrested And Charged For Stalking Doodie Lo

FTN Bae’s legal troubles with Doodie Lo began in August 2021 when a fellow rapper sued her for defamation.

Doodie Lo claimed that FTN Bae had posted a video on social media accusing her of being involved in a shooting at a nightclub in February 2021. Doodie Lo denied the allegations and claimed they harmed his reputation and put his life in danger.

In November 2021, a judge ruled in favor of Doodie Lo and ordered FTN Bae to pay $11 million in damages for defamation.

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FTN Bae initially refused to pay the damages, claiming she did not have the money. However, she later settled with Doodie Lo, agreeing to pay an undisclosed amount.

Doodie Lo Celebrates His Legal Victory 

Following FTN Bae’s most recent arrest, Doodie Lo took to social media to celebrate his legal victory.

FTNDoodie Lo filed a defamation lawsuit back in December and stated that he wanted to recover damages for defamatory statements. (Source: Instagram)

In an Instagram post, he shared a screenshot of news articles about FTN Bae’s arrest and wrote, “I had to remind y’all who won.” He thanked his legal team and supporters for standing by him throughout the legal battles.

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Doodie Lo’s victory in the defamation lawsuit and the subsequent legal battles with FTN Bae highlight the importance of taking threats and harassment seriously and seeking legal remedies to protect oneself.

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It also emphasizes the need for the music industry to address issues of violence and harassment and to support artists who are victims of such behavior.

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