Is Crystal Smith In Jail? Aiden Fucci Mom Arrested And Charged: Testimony And Trial Update

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Aiden Fucci mother is charged with evidence tampering. Recently, the 16 years old teen Crystal Smith has become a concerning topic. Let’s know more below!

Aiden Fucci is an American youngster currently known for his murdering 13-year-old classmate. Likewise, he pleaded guilty in February 2021.

The teen was 14 years old at the time of the incident and is now 16. Similalry, he was sentenced to life in prison. Along with him, Fucci’s mother is also arrested in the involvement of the murder case. 

The incident is not easily forgettable. This has shocked the people, including the one who investigated the case, as such a young boy who committed a crime is unexpected. 

Fucci has become the media’s face and is still known among social media users. Similarly, the murder case has haunted many people worldwide, as the cheerleader Tristyn Bailey was killed with 144 stabs. 

According to the sources, Fucci’s mother was also involved in the crime, and further details about the case have been explained below!

Is Crystal Smith In Jail?

Aiden Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, was arrested for allegedly tampering with evidence. She was washing blood out of her son’s jeans as he stabbed his classmate Tristyn Bailey in 2021.

It was reported that Smith surrendered to St. Johns County sheriff’s detectives at about 11:50 am in June 2021.

According to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, Smith was briefly released on $25,000 bail after being booked into jail.

Aiden Fucci’s mother was arrested for allegedly tampering with evidence. (Source: New York Post)

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IT can be said that she is in jail as the murder case is still going on. Crystal’s next court date is April 4, 2023, for a pretrial hearing. So, more details about her current status will be updated later.

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Aiden Fucci Mom Crystal Smith Arrested And Charged

Aiden Fucci’s mother, Crystal Smith, was arrested for allegedly tampering with evidence after her son was charged with cruelly stabbing 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey 114 times.

Later, Police reported that Crystal surrendered herself to the custody of the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

According to her arrest warrant, after her son went with investigators for questioning in Bailey’s killing, Crystal was seen on surveillance video inside her home washing his blue pant, which later tested positive for blood. Likewise, the drain in the sink also tested positive for blood.

Aiden Fucci NEWS4JAX tweeting about Aiden Fucci’s murder case. (Source: Twitter)

Sheriff Rob Hardwick revealed that Smith would be liable for her role in this case. Smith even wrote a letter obtained by First Coast News, in which she explained that her son is not beyond saving. Also, she wrote a letter to the Bailey family expressing her condolences for the death of Tristyn.

Aiden Fucci Mom Crystal Smith Testimony And Trial Update

As said earlier, Aiden Fucci killed Tristyn Bailey in the early morning of Mother’s Day in 2021. Fucci pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. Recently, people from both sides testified during a sentencing hearing in St. Johns County.

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However, Fucci’s mom didn’t come to court. Instead, she sent a letter to Judge Smith, asking for mercy. She explained in her letter that her attorney had counseled her not to come to court in person to speak on Fucci’s behalf.

Aiden FucciTristyn Bailey, 13 was stabbed to death. (Source: FOX 35)

Not to mention Smith has her case pending in St. Johns County court. After Aiden is sentenced, Smith’s case is set for trial next month and will continue on April 4.

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