Is Charlie Plummer Related To Chad Michael Murray? Are They Brother- Family Tree

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The question Is Charlie Plummer Related To Chad Michael Murray? has been a hot topic for the viewers who have watched Looking For Alaska.

American actor Charlie Plummer (born May 24, 1999) was raised in Poughkeepsie, New York. He got acting experience in regional theater productions of plays and musicals, and he attributes his passion for performing to his involvement in the latter.

The TV dramas Boardwalk Empire (2011–2013) and Granite Flats are where Plummer made his first significant on-screen appearance (2013–2015).

Rex Murray, an air traffic controller, welcomed his son Chad Michael Murray into the world on August 24, 1981. Chad is an American actor and writer. Murray was 10 when his mother abandoned the household.

In the drama series “One Tree Hill,” he played the role of Lucas Scott, which is how most people are familiar with him. Everlast (2011) and American Drifter are the two books he has published (2017).

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Is Charlie Plummer Related To Chad Michael Murray? Are They Brother

The answer to the question Is Charlie Plummer Related To Chad Michael Murray? is no.

Looking For Alaska, which debuted on Hulu on October 18, has prompted some fans to compare Charlie Plummer, who plays the lead character, to another on-screen hunk: Chad Michael Murray.

The eight-episode series, which is based on John Green’s best-selling young adult novel, stars Charlie as Miles “Pudge” Halter. And he does look like the former One Tree Hill star with his blond hair, moody expression, and blue eyes.

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Journalist Tara Watson posted a side-by-side comparison on Twitter, saying, “This actor has no business looking so much like Chad Michael Murray.” Here is where it all began.

Many concurred that Charlie reminded them of Chad and his adored character, Lucas Scott, in the comments section. Compare the two performers side by side and make your judgment.

Side-by-side comparison of Charlie Plummer and Chad Michael Murray (Source: Popsugar)

There are some striking parallels between Charlie Plummer and a young Chad from the late 2000s, back in the One Tree Hills days, even though Charlie has considerably longer hair and the Plummer is not quite a spitting image of Chad.

Charlie Plummer Family Tree- Brother James Plummer

Charlie Faulkner Plummer was born in Cold Spring, the son of writer-producer John Christian Plummer and stage actress Maia Guest. He has a younger brother named James Plummer, who was born on September 27, 2005.

Is Charlie Plummer Related To Chad Michael Murray?Charlie Plummer with his brother James (Source: Instagram)

The brothers Plummer get along well and have an intensely close relationship. James is also active on Instagram account where he shares pictures with his brother Charlie. 

Actor Charlie is also related to Joseph Thornton Plummer, Jr. (Paternal Grandfather), Katharine Elizabeth Slagel (Paternal Grandmother), Gareth Eugene Guest (Maternal Grandfather), Patricia Ann Faulkner (Maternal Grandmother)

He attended seven different schools as a child, three in Los Angeles, two in upstate New York, and two in New York City because of the many moves his family made as a result of his parents’ work.

His ancestral origins include German, Scotch, and English. However, The Welsh, Irish, French, and Dutch all have some remnants in him as well.

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Plummer was a timid boy, but his parents, who both worked in theater, exposed him to acting as a child. Plummer ultimately changed schools and enrolled in the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan as a result of his hectic schedule for filming television shows.

Vegan Plummer resides in New York City. He had thought about giving up acting to become the general manager of a football team since he was so passionate about the game before deciding to pursue an acting profession full-time.

Hence, the answer to the question ‘Is Charlie Plummer Related To Chad Michael Murray?’ is no, as they have different family backgrounds.

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