Is Beth Thomas Psychopath? Did She Kill Her Brother Jonathan Thomas?

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Is Beth Thomas Psychopath? The documentary released in 1992, Child of Rage, has shared the story behind Beth Thomas. 

Beth Thomas is a woman who gained public attention in the 1990s due to a documentary titled “Child of Rage.”

Her journey as a young girl has been shared in the documentary. Her biological parents had severely abused and neglected her.

Beth’s story helped raise awareness about the long-term effects of child abuse and neglect and the importance of early intervention and treatment.

Beth is an adult and has reportedly overcome many of her childhood challenges.

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Is Beth Thomas Psychopath?

Thomas is not a psychopath; she is just one child who has endured child abuse and received treatment for reactive attachment disorder. 

As per the sources, she showed psychopathic symptoms. Her adoptive parents used to lock her up and ask for help when she showed signs. 

Her parents did not know what was happening to her, but eventually, they discovered that she had developed Reactive Attachment Disorder. 

Beth and her brother were abused by their birth parents. They did not know what happened until their adoptive parents learned about the disorder. 

Beth Thomas and her brother Jonathan along with her adopted parents. (Image Source: Daily Star)

After that, Beth went to the treatment. The documentary revealed that she underwent two treatments; one was seeing Dr. Ken Magid, a clinical psychologist. 

Then, she was sent to Connell Watkins for intensive therapy. Beth showed a positive response after she was under the care of Watkins. 

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She needs to ask for permission for everything she needs to do after she goes to therapy. It was a good sign, and her adoptive parents gained trust after the positive result. 

Today, she has become a nurse, and she attends a private school and continues her study after she fully recovers. 

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Did Beth Thomas Kill Her Brother Jonathan Thomas?

Beth did not kill her brother Jonathan but often used to try to kill him, or she adopted her parents. 

Jonathan was often hospitalized, and his sister used to abuse him, pinching or squeezing, or hurting his private part. 

When Jonathan was just two years old, she smashed his head, and he was hospitalized for some time. 

Beth was not doing it intentionally; she was not mentally stable, as her biological Father abused her. 

Beth Thomas and Jonathan Thomas in 90s.Beth Thomas and Jonathan Thomas in the 90s. (Image Source: Buzz South Africa)

Jonathan and Beth’s mother died when they were young, and his Father and stepmother used to look after her. 

The biological Father frequently neglected and ignored them, sometimes failing to provide them with food. Even when he did provide food, it was often insufficient in quantity.

Beth was very much affected by the abuse her biological parents did to her. She took it after his innocent brother. 

Not only about hurting her brother, but she also used to have horrible behavior around the House; her adoptive parents used to get scared of her behavior. 

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Most of the time, his adoptive parents failed to provide her with proper therapy. They did not believe in treatment after going several times. 

But with time, they learned about Connell, and she is now in a good place caring for herself and her brother. 

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