Is Benedict Cumberbatch In Jail? What Did He Do? Arrest And Charge

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Is Benedict Cumberbatch in jail? Viewers are anxious about his arrest and charges. Get to know more via this article.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a British Actor and producer mainly famous for his role as Dr. Stephen Strange in the Marvel Avengers movie Doctor Strange and Sherlock Holmes in BBC Series Sherlock.

Cumberbatch has appeared in other blockbuster movies and series like Star Trek In Darkness, 12 Years a Slave, The Courier, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Victor Marke and her wife Zara Phythian, who were in the movie Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch, were accused of having sexual relations with a 13 years old girl after grooming her. The couple has denied the charges.

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Is Benedict Cumberbatch Jail?

No, Benedict Cumberbatch is not in jail.

While the name Doctor Strange Comes up in various articles written about the Sexual offense with 13 years old girl, they are not talking about the character Doctor Strange or Benedict Cumberbatch; instead, they are talking about the film title.

The doctor Strange trailer stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s mystic master. (Image Source: CBC)

Two actors Victor Marke and his wife, Zara Phythian, who appeared in the Doctor Strange movie with Benedict Cumberbatch, are accused of a sexual offense.

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What Did Benedict Cumberbatch Do? Arrest And Charge

Though the name Doctor Strange got mixed with charges, Benedict Cumberbatch hasn’t been involved in the case.

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Marke and Phythian are charged with repeatedly having sexual relations with the 13 years old girl. The couple has denied all the charges they are accused of.

'The Imitation Game': Benedict Cumberbatch couldn't 'bear the tragedy' of Alan Turing‘The Imitation Game’: Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t ‘bear the tragedy’ of Alan Turing. (Image Source: KPCC)

Marke told the jury that he had sex with the girl once, but he claimed that she was 18 at the time.

In an interview, Marke’s representative, Francis McGrath, asked him about the nature of the sexual activity, to which Marke replied, “Kissing… and her oral sex. I mean, she gave me.”

The girl who accused Mr. and Mrs. Marke is an adult and alleged that the crime was committed between 2005 and 2008 when she was between 13 to 15 years of age. Back then, the couple wasn’t married.

The girl was abused in an attempt to create Pornographic Scenes.

Marke, now 59, and Phythian, 36, are jointly accused of 14 charges of sexual activity. Marke is accused in four more cases of indecently assaulting a child.

The Nottingham Crown Court has sentenced Zara Phythian to eight years in prison and her husband Victor Marke to 14 years of imprisonment, claiming Marke was a “driving force behind the abuse.”

The couple was working as a Martial art instructor at that time in Nottinghamshire. The first victim told Police officers, “I knew it was wrong, but I just didn’t know how to get out of the situation or say anything.” She claimed the couple intoxicated her with alcohol first, and Phythian dared her to perform oral sex on Marke.

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EU Strom Troopers arrested Benedict Cumberbatch. According to an article published by The Dwarf, The EU stormtroopers arrested Benedict Cumberbatch after the Uber Court Judge Hans von Ottovordemgentschenfelde found Benedict Cumberbatch’s name excessively British.

A source from Dwarf Planet was less about Benedict Cumberbatch and more about the EU sending a message to the United Kingdom.

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