Is Amber McLaughlin In Jail? 49-Years Trans Woman Arrested For Murder Of Her Ex-Girlfriend Beverly Guenther

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Was Amber McLaughlin in Jail? She was executed via a lethal injection after being found guilty of killing Beverly Guenther in 2003.

McLaughlin is the 1st openly transgender person to be put to death. Per the anti-execution Death Penalty Information Center, there has never been a known instance of a transgender woman being executed in the United States.

McLaughlin was dating Beverly Guenther in 2003, long before he transitioned. As per court documents, McLaughlin would show up at Guenther’s suburban St. Louis business after they broke up.

Due to the restraining order, Guenther had been served; officers escorted her to her car after work.

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Was Amber McLaughlin In Jail?

Yes, Amber, a transgender woman, was in Jail before being executed. After being found guilty of murdering and stalking her 45-year-old lover Beverly Guenther in 2003 and disposing of her body close to the Mississippi River in St. Louis, McLaughlin. 

McLaughlin began his transition while jailed for three years (Source: Irish Mirror)

In a statement about the execution would place, Parson, stated that McLaughlin was a dangerous criminal. Additionally, McLaughlin began his transition while jailed for three years. 

According to Dailymail, 49-year-old Amber McLaughlin was put to death on January 3, 2023, by lethal injection. Despite Amber’s attorneys’ requests for leniency due to mental health difficulties, the trial judge sentenced her to death.

Per the petition, McLaughlin has been universally diagnosed with brain damage & fetal alcohol syndrome and consistently labeled with borderline intellectual disability.

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Why Was Amber McLaughlin Arrested?

Amber was arrested after being found guilty of murdering and stalking her 45-year-old lover Beverly Guenther in 2003. Beverly was her ex-girlfriend. 

According to court documents, McLaughlin frequently appeared at Guenther’s 45-year-old suburban St. Louis workplace after breaking up, sometimes hiding inside. Due to the restraining order Guenther had been served, Police escorted her to her car after work.

The officer was notified by Guenther’s neighbors on the evening of November 20, 2003, when she failed to arrive at her home.

When Police arrived at the office building, they found a blood trail leading to her car and a broken knife handle.

Amber McLaughlin Jail Amber McLaughlin, a Missouri prisoner, is shown in a post-transition shot (Source: Pink News)

A day later, McLaughlin gave Police directions to the area in “St. Louis” near the Mississippi River where the body had been dumped. Authorities claimed she was stabbed with a steak knife during the rape.

Amber was convicted of 1st-degree murder in 2006. A judge imposed the death penalty on McLaughlin when the jury couldn’t agree on the verdict. Komp claims that Missouri and Indiana are the only states where a court may execute a person.

On January 2023, she was executed by legal injection. McLaughlin took a few deep breaths, said her last words & closed her eyes as she was put to death on Tuesday.

According to a written statement from the Missouri Department of Corrections, McLaughlin was pronounced deceased at 6:51 pm.

Additionally, in a previous written statement, McLaughlin expressed his regret for his actions. I am a devoted and sympathetic individual.

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She whispered to a spiritual advisor by her side while the pentobarbital injection that would prove deadly was being given. 

Why Is Amber Execution Unique Compared To Others?

Amber execution is unique compared to others because she is the 1st transgender person to be executed in the U.S. 

As mentioned by the pro-Death Sentence Information Center, 1558 have been executed since the death penalty was replaced in the middle of the 1970s.

All of those executed were men, except 17. The center claims that no openly transgender inmate has ever been put to death. At Potosi State Prison, McLaughlin started transitioning roughly three years ago.

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