Hilarion Heagy Wife: Is Catholic Priest Married Aly Candland? Net Worth

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A prominent Christian priest, Hilarion Heagy, has made an enormous media headline after converting to Islam and changing his name to Said Abdul Latif. Who is Hilarion Heagy wife? 

Hilarion Heagy is a former prominent Christian priest Hilarion Heagy. Hilarion is based in California, United States. He is currently gathering media coverage after converting to Islam. 

Besides, he was formerly a Russian Orthodox monk, and he was respected along with his followers. Besides, Hilarion started attending the Antiochian Orthodox Church around 2003 and left in 2007.

Previously he converted to the Catholic Church of the East. Heagy graduated from the Convent of the Holy Resurrection in St Nazianz, Wisconsin. Heagy also announced the establishment of an Eastern Christian monastery in California. 

Hilarion Heagy Wife: Is Catholic Priest Married Aly Candland?

Former Catholic Priest Hilarion Heagy is not married and does not have a wife. None of the verified outlets have given the details regarding his married life. Also, Heagy has yet to talk openly about his personal life in the media.

So, we are also unable to provide more details about his love life. However, some unverified sources on the internet have claimed that he is a married man and his wife goes by the name of Aly Candland.

As Heagy has not given any insights into his married life, we can’t confirm whether Aly is his wife. It may be just a rumor.

A Reddit user sharing his thoughts on Hilarion Heagy’s religious conversion. (Source: Reddit)

If you are familiar with the Catholic religion, you may know that Catholic priests are expected to vow celibacy. Due to that, they cannot get engaged in a romantic affair.

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Hilarion Heagy Net Worth In 2023

Hilarion Heagy is a famous Eastern Orthodox priest who turned to Islam. He is reported to have an impressive net worth in the millions. As the verified outlets still need to give his earning details, his actual fortune still needs to be investigated.

From his multiple works, we can say that he has earned a considerable profit. He has reportedly written for renowned publications such as The Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker.

Likewise, Heagy has written some books which have helped him take home impressive cash.

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Catholic Priest Hilarion Heagy Conversion to Islam

Hilarion Heagy is a California-based prominent Eastern Christian Priest who became a hot topic on the internet when he shared the news of his religious change. He converted to Islam after renouncing Christianity in February 2022.

Furthermore, Heagy was a Leader in the Orthodox Church in America, and after converting to Islam, he changed his name to Said Abdul Latif.

Hilarion HeagySocial media users are tweeting about Hilarion Heagy’s religious conversion. (Source: Twitter)

After much reflection and contemplation, the former priest acknowledged that his spiritual journey led him toward Islam over two decades ago. However, it was only in recent times that he made the decision to convert to the religion formally.

His religious conversion decision got support and hate as well. Despite the controversy, Heagy remains deeply committed to Islam and advocates for interfaith dialogue and understanding. 

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Apart from that, around 2003, he converted to the Antiochian Orthodox Church, which father Heagy left in 2017 to join the Eastern Catholic Church. After that, he graduated from St. Nazianz’s Holy Resurrection Monastery.

Following his graduation, Heagy became a Byzantine Catholic priest-monk, and now, he is a Muslim. 

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