Hason Correa Video: Madeline Brame Son Stabbed To Death

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Hason Correa video is trending on the Internet as the 35-year-old army sergeant was stabbed to death in 2018. Keep reading to find out more.

This tragic news has resurfaced as the mother of the deceased, Madeline Brame, held Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg responsible for going easy on the perpetrators.

Madeline accused Goldman of insulting her intelligence and trying to discredit her by insinuating that she did not understand the purpose of the hearing.

She further stated that this was why she had left the Democratic Party, calling it a “plantation.”

The case continued for some time until Bragg became the DA in 2022. She has been fighting for justice for her son since his death.

Furthermore, Brame started a petition on Change.org to call for stricter sentencing guidelines for first and second-degree murder cases.

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Hason Correa Video: Details On The Case

During a bail hearing, Madeline Brame, a grieving mother whose son, Hason Correa, was murdered in 2018, became emotional in a Manhattan courtroom.

As the video footage of the crime was presented in an attempt to release one of the alleged attackers on bail, Brame clutched her chest in anguish.

In 2018, US Army veteran Hason Correa was fatally stabbed during a fight outside a Harlem apartment building. He was 35 years old, married, and had three children.

Four people were arrested and charged with murder and gang assault concerning his death: siblings Christopher, James and Mary Saunders, and Travis Stewart.

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Two suspects have taken plea deals, while the trials for the other two were scheduled for October 2022.

Madeline Brame, who saw her son walking in the black-and-white surveillance footage, clutched her chest in anguish in the courtroom (Source: Fox News)

Correa’s mother, Madeline Brame, has been vocal in her criticism of the plea deals and the handling of the case by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

At the end of the year, James Saunders pleaded guilty to gang assault and second-degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

Christopher was found guilty of gang assault and received the same sentence, while Travis Stewart and Mary Saunders pleaded guilty to gang assault.

Stewart was sentenced to seven years in prison, and Mary Saunders was released after serving 14 months at Rikers Island.

Although the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment, they noted that all four defendants pleaded guilty, with two getting significant prison sentences.

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Madeline Brame Son, Hason Correa, Was Stabbed To Death

Madeline Brame, the mother of Hason Correa, who was stabbed to death in Harlem in 2018, is speaking out against DA Alvin Bragg’s handling of her son’s slaying.

Brame has been a fierce crusader for justice for her son since his murder and criticized Bragg about bail reform and handling the case.

Hason’s mother is a witness at the upcoming House committee hearing on Bragg’s actions in Manhattan.

She stated that Bragg went soft in the killing of her son and called him “not fit to be a dog catcher,” adding that he was in the wrong business.

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The Hason Correa case kept lingering until Madeline Bragg became the DA in 2022The Hason Correa case kept lingering until Madeline Bragg became the DA in 2022 (Source: New York Post)

Brame, who now chairs the non-profit advocacy group Victims Rights Reform Council, felt prosecutors treated her and her family poorly.

The case would not progress, and justice might have been delayed if Bragg had not actively participated. She recently made it into National Review as well.

Madeline believes the 2019 state criminal justice reforms are responsible for the broken justice system, as they prohibit judges from setting bail on misdemeanors and some felonies.

Brame thinks that the reforms need to be eliminated, providing services to violent criminals so they can become contributing members of society.

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