Gannon Stauch Wikipedia And Age: Stepmother Letecia Stauch Trial For Murdering Her Son

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People want to know about Gannon Stauch Wikipedia and age details—his stepmother Letecia Stauch trial for murdering her son.

When eleven-year-old Gannon Stauch vanished on January 27, 2020, the mountain city of Colorado Springs, CO, struggled with widespread dread.

Local attention was focused on the mysterious case six weeks before the COVID pandemic shook the country. And the neighborhood came together to help this young child return home.

At the close of 2018, the family of Gannon Stauch relocated to Colorado. On the Southeast edge of Colorado Springs, a planned community called Lorson Ranch is home to the Stauch family.

Due to the neighborhood’s proximity to three critical military bases, many military officers reside in Lorson Ranch, which also has low crime rates.

Gannon’s mom, Letecia Stauch, first reported him as a runaway. However, twenty-four hours later, the El Paso County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office changed Gannon’s classification to Missing and Endangered Child.

To locate Gannon, the FBI teamed up with the Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Springs Police Department, and El Paso County Search and Rescue.

Nearby reservoirs and mountainous areas were searched by over 300 neighborhood volunteers for the missing child.

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Gannon Stauch Wikipedia And Age

Let’s get to know about Gannon Stauch Wikipedia details. Gannon On September 29, 2008, Jacob Stauch was born in South Carolina. Gannon was 11 years old,

Gannon, the only boy and oldest child of Albert Stauch and Landen Hoitt was born more than three months early.

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He weighed one pound, six ounces at delivery, and the odds of him living were 10%. Hoitt recollects a doctor telling her that Gannon would have severe physical and mental disabilities even if he lived. 

Physically, he scored above average for males his age and participated in gifted and talented programs at school.

On January 22, 2012, Gannon’s parents welcomed his younger sibling Laina into the world. Laina revered her older sibling, whom she called “Bubba.”

Gannon Stauch Wikipedia and age details. (Source: YouTube)

Others in Gannon’s family and circle of friends called him “G-Man”; he was their idol. The care of their children was divided between Albert and Landen after their divorce.

Health and physical education instructor Landen got remarried and remained in South Carolina. Al also relocated for his full-time National Guard duty with the children.

The Stauch family traveled to Alaska, South Carolina again, and ultimately Colorado Springs due to Al’s military service.

Gannon was popular and excelled academically. He cherished Nintendo, blue, and burritos. He spent much time playing computer games and creating Lego tables with his Father.

Stepmother Letecia Stauch Trial For Murdering Her Son

According to the defense counsel for the Colorado Springs woman accused of murderung her 11-year-old stepson.

The woman had a mental breakdown when she killed the boy three years prior and has multiple personality disorder due to severe childhood abuse.

During the opening remarks in the jury trial of Letecia Stauch, 39, charged with first-degree murder in the death of her stepson, 11 years old Gannon Stauch, attorney Will Cook, started outlining an insanity defense.

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The boy was murdered on January 27, 2020.

Gannon Stauch WikipediaGannon Stauch killed by stepmother. (Source: Court TV)

Still, it took weeks for his corpse to be discovered, leading to extensive missing-child search efforts, an emotional plea for his safe return from Gannon’s parents, and national attention from the media and internet investigators in the early days of COVID-19.

Even though Letecia Stauch was apprehended a few weeks after Gannon was killed, the pandemic and concerns about her ability to stand trial delayed presenting the case to a juror.

Prosecutors claimed in court on Monday that Stauch was mentally competent when she killed Gannon in his bedroom, hid his body there, leased a van, and drove the boy’s body to Florida, where she dumped his remains beneath a bridge.

Cook claimed that because Stauch was insane, she shouldn’t be held legally accountable.

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