Esra Haynes Parents Paul And Andrea Haynes: Victorian Schoolgirl Dies After Cardiac Arrest

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People want to know about Esra Haynes parents Paul and Andrea Haynes. Australian youngster dies in the chroming event during the Easter holiday because of Cardiac Arrest.

The grieving parents of a 13-year-old girl who died in a chroming event over the weekend have committed to spreading knowledge of the dangerous fad that exposes kids who continue to engage in it to major risks.

Esra Haynes, a Melbourne athlete, and Year 8 student, reportedly became cardiac after breathing in hazardous chemicals from an aerosol canister. She passed away on Saturday.

A 16-year-old NSW girl discovered dead in her bedroom with a deodorant spray can and a tea towel below her has been among the documented deaths connected to chroming in Australia in recent years.

As a result of the persistent problem, retailers like Coles and Woolworths have locked away aerosol deodorants to keep small children from purchasing them.

Let’s get to know about Esra Haynes Parents Paul And Andrea Haynes.

Esra Haynes Parents Paul And Andrea Haynes

Esra Haynes Parents are Paul And Andrea Haynes. Her three siblings, parents Paul, Andrea Haynes, and classmates struggle to process the death.

Her three siblings are finding it difficult to accept the loss caused by chroming.

Following the passing of their daughter, Paul and Andrea Haynes declared that it would become their “life’s mission” to spread the word about the risks associated with chroming.

According to her parents, the 13-year-old was a kind and generous girl who was taken too soon. She attended Lilydale High School, which is located outside of northeast Melbourne.

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She didn’t get to live as her parents had hoped, but Mr. Haynes stated she still did all the wonderful things kids do.

Esra Haynes Parents are devastated by their daughter’s death. (Source: 9News )

According to their Father, Imogen, Seth, and Charlie, Esra’s three siblings, are “broken” and “devastated” by losing their youngest sibling.

Despite being the youngest, we gave her everything because she had her entire life ahead.

People have been known to experience a “short-lived high” after breathing solvents or other common home chemicals, and the number of occurrences is worryingly on the rise.

The number of presentations at Victoria’s Austin Hospital increased by 161% last year. It’s challenging to control and simple for teenagers to access.

It would be exceedingly challenging to ask manufacturers to minimize the usage of that class of chemicals because they are widely used in products.

Victorian Schoolgirl Esra Haynes Dies After Cardiac Arrest

Melbourne-based Secondary Two student Esra Haynes passed away last Saturday from a cardiac attack brought on by the inhalation of hazardous chemicals (chroming).

Young people and teenagers who attempt to get “fixed” by breathing a chemical such as gasoline, glue, paint, or solvent often engage in chroming, also known as solvent misuse.

The terrible death from the chroming of the 13-year-old kid from Melbourne’s east, who attended Lilydale High School, left her family and friends in shock.

Her parents resolved to make it their life’s work to educate the public about the risks associated with this destructive habit in honor of their late child.

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Esra Haynes ParentsEsra Haynes sudden death because of Cardiac Arrested has shocked other people. (Source: Herald Sun)

As soon as Esra’s passing was confirmed, the internet was inundated with tearful messages.

The 13-year-old is recalled as a caring and friendly adolescent with a contagious giggle by friends, teachers, and the sports community.

She is described as a loving, kind sister, daughter, and friend who always filled the room with joy” in a TikTok video by a friend.

Nobody was present to criticize Esra in any way. She battled in the hospital for a week before losing her life on August 4, 2023. Fly High, Esra.

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