Eden Knight Death: Transgender Woman Suicide After Family Pressured Her To Detransition

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Eden Knight’s death news has flooded the Internet after she posted a suicidal note on Twitter. 

After the suicidal note was published, there were many questions regarding Eden Knight. 

The Police department has been investigating the case, and one of Knight’s friends mentioned that she believes she has passed away. 

Knight was originally from South Arabia but attended an American high school in the suburbs of Washington, DC. 

Many people have been waiting for the truth behind her death to come out. The investigation is ongoing; the news is fresh and might take some time. 

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Is Eden Knight Death? 

Reports suggest that a 23-year-old transgender woman named Eden Knight, originally from Saudi Arabia but living in the U.S., may have died by suicide.

Before her disappearance, Knight posted what appears to be a suicide note online, in which she accused her family of pressuring her to undergo detransition. 

Eden Knight with her friend Hayden in the United States. (Image Source: The Mirror)

According to the post shared by the transgender Woman, her family allegedly hired “fixers” and a lawyer based in Washington DC to assist with her return to Saudi Arabia.

In Knight’s post, she wrote, “If you’re reading this, I’ve already killed myself.”

Following the news, another Tweet allegedly belonging to the family of Eden Knight has announced the death of a “young man” with the same legal name as Knight. 

Also, their friends said they could not contact her for 32 hours. And some of them believe that she has passed away. 

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Although the news of her death has been out, Police cannot find her end body, and it could be confirmed as a suicidal case. 

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Transgender Woman Suicide After Family Pressured Her To Detransition

In the transgender Woman’s tweet, she mentioned that she committed suicide because of family pressure. 

She shared a post writing a final message on 12 March; she was often insecure about her personality and overall looks. 

Final message shared by Eden Knight a transgender woman.Eden Knight, a transgender woman, shared the final message. (Image Source: Twitter)

She mentioned her lawyer, Bader from Saudi, was acting weird and was trying to get to detransition. 

The lawyer tried being friendly with her; he stayed in her apartment, took her to have food, pampered her, and tried to get her to get a therapist, but Knight realized what he was doing within a time.

Bader often talked about her appearance and mentioned that she was male and that the look she was walking to does not suit her. 

She was manipulated and was later sent to Saudi Arabia; she spent some time with her family and realized and was pressured all the time. 

Knight mentioned that she was done fighting at the end and released a thank you message to her friend who helped her while living in the United States. 

Knight also mentioned that her family hired Bader, and three other people were looking after her, and she couldn’t run anywhere. 

She was inside a jail, and she couldn’t handle the pressure her family was giving, the way of talking to her. 

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Knight was not treated nicely, and her dad called her a failure and an abomination. 

People have been sharing prayers and condolence. More information might get revealed in public after Police will interview her parents. 

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