Drew Sidora Tattoo Viral On Tiktok: Meaning And Design

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Besides the ongoing divorce ruckus, Drew Sidora tattoo is grabbing the attention of netizens as they are abstract, fashionable, and meaningful.

Drew Sidora is an American actress and singer who is famous for her glaring roles in movies like Step Up and CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.

But she became more famous after appearing in the 13th season of the reality TV series “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

Apart from it, Drew Sidora has established herself in the music industry. ‘Til The Dawn, Already Know, Juke It, and so on are some of her notable works as a singer.

Recently, the beautiful actress born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Drew Sidora, has been viral again for her tattoos on social media.

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Drew Sidora Tattoo: Does She Have It Or Not?

As the American actress often makes tattooless red carpet appearances, many fans had no idea at all if she had any tattoos engraved on her body.

But in a recent makeup video, we could see Drew Sidora has a tattoo. Further, the video gives us a close glimpse of Drew Sidoras’ Tattoo.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star does have a tattoo on her chest atop her left side beauty bones.

The Drew Sidora tattoo appears somewhat like Chinese or Japanese writing. Besides, it could also be Korean because the fonts appear somewhat similar to foreign eyes.

Drew Sidora in her TikTok makeup video. (Source: TikTok)

Now, that is not the only Drew Sidora tattoo we could get a glimpse from the viral TikTok video.

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Besides her chest tattoo, the ex-wife of Ralph Pittman, Drew Sidora, has another tattoo on the back of her neck that the viral video reveals.

However, unlike the front tattoo, we could not get a clear view of her back next tattoo.

Many netizens are speculating if the tattoo relates to her ex-husband Ralph Pittman.

As the actress Sidora finds her divorce a blessing, her fans are worried that her tattoo might hold her back.

Further, the actress often hides her tattoo in public appearance with her makeup. And that is how the rumor originated.

But it looks like it is just a baseless rumor and speculation without any relation to her tattoo with her ex-husband.

So, let us wait patiently for the actress to reveal her tattoos and their meaning.

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What Is The Drew Sidora Tattoo Meaning And Design?

Albeit, the actress has not revealed the tattoos’ meaning and often made a red carpet appearance by concealing her tattoos.

And it apparently makes it hard to see her tattoo in full-definition images.

But do not worry! Our team has already figured it out for you. The collar bone Drew Sidora tattoo is in Chinese letters and appears in the sequence of ‘粹 紅 魂’ from the top.

The Chinese letter ‘粹’ has an abstract meaning of Pure, ‘紅’ means Red, and ‘魂’ means Soul.

makeup covered Drew Sidora TattooDrew Sidora is without any tattoos in her Insta picture. (Source: Instagram)

These letters are decorated in a traditional letter scroll that is unfolding to deliver the message. So, the Drew Sidora tattoo may generally mean Pure Red Soul, which compliments her bold, fiery, fierce nature.

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Nevertheless, unfortunately, the star actress has not revealed the actual meaning of the tattoo. Therefore, we are bound to make assumptions only at this point.

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