Dr Makena Arrested And Charged: What Did He Do And Where Is he Now?

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People want to know about Dr Makena arrested news going viral online. Dr Makena graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine.

Tebogo Makena, the ‘Oracle Under The Sun’ who bills between R25 000 and R2 million, wrote about his employment details on LinkedIn and Instagram.

People looking for work are frequently advised to be honest about their credentials.

This is essential for hiring managers to make sure they select candidates with the necessary skills.

Some people, however, completely disregard this basic decency to gain quick money and create an entirely new reality for themselves. Dr Makena arrested and charged with this fake identity.

Tebogo Makena, the “Oracle Under The Sun,” who costs between R25 000 and R2 million, claimed on his LinkedIn and Instagram pages to have a Ph.D. in Sports Medicine from the University of Pretoria.

Let’s investigate this case to learn more about Dr Makena Arrested and charge news.

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Dr Makena Arrested And Charged

In an odd turn, Tebogo Makena, who gained notoriety for his excessively high consulting fees, claimed to have earned a Ph.D. in sports science from the University of Pretoria.

Still, it had been bestowed upon him by a celestial body. He said he can attend any university because he have the right to free speech and is a prophet.

He mentioned that he received his Ph.D., diploma, or degree from the University of Pretoria, but it was given to him by Heaven.

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Rikus Delport, the head of institutional promotion at the University of Pretoria, said that Makena never studied there.

Dr Makena arrested for pretending to be a doctor. (Source: Facebook)

Despite this, the “Oracle Under The Sun” stated that he is not shaken and does not care what the institution has to say.

The individual, who has a prominent social media presence, emphasized that he is superior to attorneys and is not intimidated.

Makena claimed that he uses his social media platforms as a means of expression and that anyone who visits his profiles and objects to what he posts need not disturb him.

What Did He Do?

But nothing could be further from the truth than this. Rikus Delport, the University of Pretoria’s head of institutional growth, declared, “He never attended the university.”

Delport continued that making such a claim without supporting evidence is unusual.

Makena and the law have yet to get along well. He and another prisoner were arrested 2017 while operating an extortion ring out of Odi Prison.

They allegedly called police stations while posing as investigators from the police department to obtain information about car thefts and hijackings.

They would contact victims and demand payment in return for recovering their cars. 

Where Is He Now?

He allegedly paid the warden to deliver everything he wanted, creating a luxurious existence.

Convicts who talked with Pretoria News claim that Makena bragged about the clothes, jewelry, and meals he was given.

But to stop South Africans from falsifying their credentials in their CVs, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Act. This was done in October 2019.

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Dr Makena ArrestedDr Makena used to charge charges R50 000 for an in-person consultation. (Source: Facebook)

This conduct includes individuals boasting on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, according to MHi Attorneys.

It may be deemed a significant offense if you claimed to qualify, but it was fake.

The Act has been amended to include harsh penalties for people discovered to have lied on their resumes. Fraudulent CVs can be punished with a fine or up to five years in prison.

‘However, the Act has also put a financial and administrative burden on employers, educational institutions, providers of skills development, and quality councils, who must now check to see if any qualifications of applicants are listed on the national learners’ record database before appointing or registering them.

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