Does Liam Neeson Wear a Wig? Hair Transplant and Surgery Update

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Does Liam Neeson wear a Wig? If you are also concerned about the Actor’s hair transplant and surgery, keep reading this article till the end.

Liam Neeson is one of the most prominent actors from North Ireland who has been working actively in the showbiz industry since 1976. His active involvement in the film line has helped him gain massive name and fame.

Meanwhile, Neeson is widely famous for his portrayal in the movies such as Kinsey, The Grey, The A-Team, and Schindler’s List. 

The handsome Actor has also won multiple awards for his amazing works in multiple tv series and movies. Some of them are Evening Standard British Film Awards and a nomination for an Academy Award.

Does Liam Neeson Wear a Wig?

No, Liam Neeson does not wear a wig. But the topic of Neeson wearing a wig became prominent when fans began sharing images of his hair on social media.

Liam Neeson’s hair transformation throughout these years. ( Source: Daily Express )

People noticed Liam’s changes in appearance, and most notably, his hair from the past and present looks different. Due to that, some said Neeson might be wearing a wig to make his hair look natural.

Despite the ongoing rumors about Neeson’s hair, there is no fact about it, and all of the rumors of him wearing a wig are entirely fake. Also, the Actor himself has not made any comments on this topic.

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Liam Neeson Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery

With the news of Liam Neeson’s hair wig, netizens often get confused if the Actor has done a hair transplant. At the age of 71, Neeson still has fantastic hair.

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Due to his hairstyle, rumors began circulating on social media as people thought he had done a hair transplant to make his hair grow. However, the news is not true.

Liam Neeson SurgeryLiam Neeson once said he would never get cosmetic surgery. ( Source: AZ Central )

Comparing his images from the past, we can see a huge change. His pictures show that Neeson has also faced hair loss. 

Apart from that, Neeson is not a fan of cosmetic surgery as he wants to grow old gracefully. While talking with Daily Mail, he said that aging should be done gracefully.

So, rather than going under the knife, Neeson wants to look natural and be old gracefully.

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Actor Liam Neeson Surgery and Health Update In 2023

As mentioned earlier, Liam Neeson has not done cosmetic surgery as he does not want it. Apart from that, he has faced some issues in the past related to his health.

In 1996, he underwent emergency surgery yesterday after falling ill at the Venice Film Festival. A report shows that Neeson was in a hospital in Padua after suffering from an intestinal complaint.

Warner Brothers said Neeson had been feeling unwell for some time, so he was taken to the hospital. Now, he seems to have recovered from that illness.

Liam Neeson Weight LossLiam Neeson was spotted going out, where we can see his massive weight loss. ( Source: Irish Mirror )

In the same way, Neeson has other issues, which he has openly discussed with the media. In 2022, Irish Mirror reported that Neeson was crippled by agonizing cramps in his left, which the Actor later discovered were caused by excessive caffeine.

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He also opened up about his own pain from leg cramps a few years ago, and the pain even made him cry.  

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