Dj Brownskin Wife Death Video: Why Did Sharon Njeri Take Poison?

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After DJ Brownskin wife death video was released after a year after her passing, fans were demanding to investigate this case properly and questioned the musician. 

On 30th July 2022, renowned Kenyan DJ Brownskin confirmed the passing of his wife, Sharon Njeri, after she allegedly committed suicide.

The musical artist posted condolences for his wife’s passing on social media and said he was devastated by her passing. An unsettling video of the deceased woman has surfaced almost a year after her demise.

And now, the general public is asking that the musician must be questioned and investigated after the video of his wife’s death was made public a year after she passed away.

So via this article, let’s find out the details that were seen in that video and learn why DJ Brownskin’s wife, Sharon Njeri took poison.

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Dj Brownskin Wife Death Video

A year later, Dj Brownskin’s deceased wife, Sharon’s video, got enormous attention from the public after the video was released.

In the particular video, DJ Brownskin’s wife is seen holding a cup and putting something to it in the video that BNN released.

She is then seen taking the mixture and declaring that she will die after a brief interval. Njeri is heard asking DJ Brownskin to take care of their kids while he is taping the activities while lying on a couch.

After Deejay Brownskin’s wife’s death video was released on the internet, fans showered hate on the musical artist. (Source: Tuko.Co)

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As Njeri becomes weak and saliva begins to leak from her mouth, what began as a joke is shown to increase. She then calls out her children’s names and informs them that she is going to pass away.

The mother is crying out in pain as she lies on the floor, and as their young kids enter the room, the DJ instructs one of them to give the mother milk.

Why Did Sharon Njeri Take Poison?

As seen in Dj Brownskin’s wife’s death video, Sharon Njeri died by intaking poison. While it is unknown why she took such a big step to end her life, it is important to understand that every individual’s mental health matters and should be a priority.

As she was consuming the drink, DJ Brownskin’s wife stated, “I’m done. Let my kids and others know that I love them.”

The man who appears to be the one filming the video stays seated the entire time and does nothing to save her life. He eventually requests some milk from Sharon’s child but doesn’t bother to assist her.

Dj Brownskin Wife Death VideoIt is not confirmed yet if the man filming the death video was DJ Brownskin himself. (Source: Instagram)

After the video was released, it was confirmed that the poisonous substance took a negative effect on her and she died in pain. Sharon Njeri passed away on July 29, 2022.

Moreover, ingesting poison is never a safe or advisable way to deal with any problem or issue in life.

It’s sad to hear that Sharon decided to take such a big step of ending her life by taking poison. Yet, the reason behind her suicide still remains a mystery.

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Public’s Reactions After The Death Video Released

Kenyans have responded to the now-viral videos on Twitter, and the majority of them want the entertainer to be looked into for reportedly not stepping in to help.

While it is unknown if the man recording the video was Deejay Brownskin himself, people have started to throw shade at him and pass several hate comments on his social media handles.

Many people are also demanding justice and want this case to be examined seriously.

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