Did Atiq Ahmed Have Cancer? Former Indian Politician Health Before Death

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Did Atiq Ahmed have cancer? The former politician and Prayagraj Jail prisoner reportedly complained about his health problem a few days before his death.

Former politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother were shot fatally by unidentified assailants on Saturday night.

The incident occurred when police escorted the Ahmed brothers for medical treatment. The fatal incident was recorded as reporters were present at the scene.

The former politician and his brother’s deaths have grabbed significant attention from the general public. Many people are asking if the former Indian politician had any health problems.

Here is what we know about Atiq Ahmed’s health issues.

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Atiq Ahmed Cancer: Former Indian Politician Health Before Death

Atiq Ahmed was a high-profile prisoner. He had been under police custody for a long time concerning several cases, including Umesh Pal’s murder case. The mafia-turned-politician was the prime suspect in Pal’s murder case.

Atiq Ahmed reportedly complained about his health issues a few days before his murder. (Image Source: Business Today)

According to the reports, the Prayagraj Jail prisoner Atiq Ahmed reportedly informed the authorities about feeling unwell. Following his health issue complaint, two medical professionals examined his condition and prescribed medicines for blood pressure.

However, his blood pressure kept rising, and he informed the doctors about it. Atiq also had difficulty falling asleep. The prisoner also complained about the high temperature in the cell and reportedly said he could not sleep more than two hours.

Besides, the specific health problem of Atiq Ahmed has not been made public. As for the question, “Did Atiq Ahmed have cancer? The answer is unclear.

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But, the prime suspect in Umesh Pal’s murder case had some health issues. Might it be that police escorted Atiq and his brother, Ashraf Ahmed, to a medical examination following above-mentioned complaints?

Atiq Ahmed In Politics And Crime

You might already know that Atiq Ahmed was famous in the political and criminal world. The former politician became a suspect in a murder case in 1979 for the first time.

During the 1980s, Ahmed rose to prominence with strong influence in the western part of Allahabad city. As an independent candidate, the former Indian politician went on to win the first election in 1989.

Tweet 11A few snaps from the site where Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were shot fatally. (Image Source: Twitter)

As reported by BBC, Atiq won the seat twice in a row afterward. His fourth victory came while serving as a lawmaker for the local Samajwadi party (SP).

He ran as an SP candidate in the 2004 federal election and won a seat, becoming an MP. On the other hand, cases against him were still being brought in Allahabad and other state regions. Ahmed ran in a few more elections throughout the subsequent decade but lost all.

In 2019, India’s highest court ordered that he be transferred to a prison in Gujarat state after it was discovered that he had planned attacks on a businessman from prison in Uttar Pradesh, where he was imprisoned while awaiting trial in another case to attend the local court’s announcement of his sentence in a kidnapping case, the former politician was brought back to Prayagraj from Gujarat in March this year.

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Atiq was also taken to the city for further investigations. He brought his brother Ashraf to the city to be interrogated as well. Ashraf was being held in a jail in the Bareilly district.

The Ahmed brothers were being investigated for the February murder of Umesh Pal. Umesh was a key witness in the 2005 Raju Pal murder case.

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