Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia: Thorfinn From Ghosts Cast 2024

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Actor Devan Chandler Long looks like he has a very promising year ahead with the role of Thorfinn from Ghosts, making fans curious about his life and leading to the increased search for his Wikipedia.

Devan Chandler Long is a famous American actor born in 1983 on August 31st.

He is famous for playing the character of Thorfinn in the hit series Ghosts, which he has been playing since 2021.

Before his big break in Ghosts, Devan was in several other movies like Dirt, Ex-Mas Party, Baker’s Man, The Deal, etc.

His acting career expanded to the television world, and he has done series like Meron, Salmon Cat, the Bridge, and many more.

Thus, many people want to know more about the life of Devan Chandler Long as his fame grows, leading to an increased surge in his official Wikipedia.

Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia: From Childhood Adventures To Hollywood Stardom

The Ghost star Devan Chandler Long was born to parents David and Lori Cunningham in Anacortes, Washington.

He has an older brother named Cosmos Grouper whom he shares a very close relationship.

Growing up, he lived a normal American life with his small family.

Devan Chandler Long WikipediaDevan Chandler Long has come a long way since his initial days in acting. (Source: Twitter)

Meanwhile, in an interview, he recalls spending much time with his father and brother in the woods near their home.

One time a beer had attacked Devan when he was just seven years old.

This led him to pursue self-defense classes to be prepared if wild animals attacked him again.

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Similarly, his childhood was filled with adventure and fun memories.

After completing high school in his hometown, Devan Chandler Long went to the University of Oregon for a higher education.

Later, right after completing his education, he decided to pursue acting.

His first-ever movie project was The Rainbow Jesus in the year 2011.

Devan Chandler Long portraitAfter spending such a long time in the film industry, Devan Chandler Long deserves his own Wikipedia page. (Source: Twitter)

Thanks to his dedication, Devan got many amazing reviews for his acting talent from his first movie.

This allowed Devan Chandler Long to get more opportunities in the acting industry.

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Thorfinn From Ghosts: Devan Chandler Long’s 13-Year Career, And Impressive Net Worth

In 13 years, Devan Chandler Long has done more than 25 movies.

Devan Chandler Long’s continuous work in the film industry has contributed to his impressive net worth.

Although Devan Chandler Long has no Wikipedia page, many sources suggest his net worth is above 1.5 million U.S. dollars.

Meanwhile, his role in Ghosts as Thorfinn is becoming increasingly popular even before the movie’s release.

If the movie becomes a hit, Devan can bag even bigger roles.

Devan Chandler Long in GhostsDevan Chandler Long can achieve another height in Hollywood if the movie Ghosts succeeds in 2024. (Source: Twitter)

Whoever will write for the official Wikipedia of Devan Chandler Long in the future will have many things to add to it.

Not only his career but his personal life is also something many people envy.

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Devan Chandler Long has a beautiful wife, Jesse Golden, whom he has been married to for a long time.

They share two sons named Kaleo Golden and Bodhi Town.

Moreover, his family often appears on events and shows related to his movies and series.

This shows Devan Chandler Long’s wife and kids enjoy seeing him receive positive feedback for his work.

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