Danny DeVito Is Still Alive- Death Hoax, What Happened To Him? Health Update

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“Danny DeVito Alive” is a headline adopted by multiple media outlets as people have started to enquire about the well-being of the famous personality. 

This article will take a closer look at life and the topic “Danny DeVito Alive.” So read till the end to figure out the details of the career of the famous personality. 

On November 17, 1944, American Actor, comedian, and filmmaker Daniel Michael DeVito Jr. was born. He became well-known for his role as taxi dispatcher Louie De Palma in the television series Taxi, which ran from 1978 to 1983. For this role, he received both a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

He portrays Frank Reynolds on the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2006–present).

For his performance in the Broadway revival of Arthur Miller’s The Price, for which he received the category’s Best Featured Actor in a Play nomination, he was nominated for a Tony Award in 2017.

DeVito and Michael Shamberg founded Jersey Films. Stacey Sher rose swiftly to become an equal partner. The production Company worked on the movies Pulp Fiction, Garden State, and Freedom Writers.

Additionally, DeVito owned Jersey Television, the Company responsible for Reno 911! on Comedy Central. In DeVito’s 1996 movie Matilda, which was based on the children’s book by Roald Dahl, he co-starred with his wife, Rhea Perlman. 

DeVito was a producer for Erin Brockovich, who was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture (2000).

Danny DeVito Alive- Death Hoax Explored

Numerous media sources have used the headline “Danny DeVito Alive” as fans have begun to inquire about the celebrity’s health.

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This piece will delve deeper into life and the subject of “Danny DeVito Alive.” So continue reading to learn more about the famous person’s career.

There are bogus reports on social media that Actor and director Danny DeVito has passed away. The assertions come from an online article from a well-known spoof website.

The post was released on Facebook with the description, “So sad. Sleep well, little man!


The sudden spread of the Actor Danny DeVito’s death earlier this week worried admirers worldwide. 

The November 2022 rumor, however, has since been revealed to be a total fabrication and only the most recent in a long line of false celebrity death reports. 

The Actor most remembered for his appearances in Taxi, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Batman Returns is still with us.

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Danny DeVito Health Issues Explored

Only 4 feet 10 inches (1.47 meters) tall, DeVito managed to outshine many of his professional counterparts. His multiple epiphyseal dysplasias (also known as Fairbank’s illness), a rare genetic condition that inhibits bone formation, is the cause of his small stature.

Rhea Perlman and DeVito first became acquainted on January 17, 1971, while DeVito was appearing in the only performance of the play The Shrinking Bride.

There is a medical reason behind Danny’s small height. (Source: Celebrity Cutouts)

After two weeks of living together, they married on January 28, 1982. They have three kids: Jacob Daniel DeVito (born in March 1985), Lucy Chet DeVito (born on March 11, 1983), and Grace Fan DeVito.

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Perlman and DeVito have appeared in various productions, including Taxi on television and Matilda (where they played Matilda’s parents). 

After spending more than 40 years together and 30 years married, they divorced in October 2012 before getting back together in March 2013. 

In March 2017, they had a second separation but remained friendly, and, according to Perlman, they had no plans to get a divorce. 

According to Perlman’s interview with Andy Cohen in 2019, she and DeVito are now better friends than they were during their final years of a relationship.

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