Covenant School Shooting: Evelyn Dieckhaus Death And Obituary- Mother Katy

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The title of Evelyn Dieckhaus death is gaining the Internet’s attention as the US has witnessed yet another school shooting.

On Monday, six people, including three staff members and three pupils, were killed in a shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee.

Among the victims were a school head, a custodian, and a substitute teacher. A 28-year-old former student of the same school killed all the victims.

The three children who died were nine years old and identified as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney.

The deceased employees were Cynthia Peak (61), Katherine Koonce (60), and Michael Hill (61).

However, the police have not identified any of the victims as specific targets of the shooting.

Before the shooting, all the deceased were unknown to most of the country, but their tragic deaths have deeply impacted the nation.

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Covenant School Shooting: Evelyn Dieckhaus Death And Obituary

Evelyn Dieckhaus was a third-grade student at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, who tragically lost her life in a shooting on a Monday.

A senior minister at Woodmont Christian Church, where the Dieckhaus family attended, spoke about Evelyn during a church service held shortly after the shooting.

The minister mentioned that Evelyn’s sister, who was two years older, wept during the service, presumably due to the devastating loss of her younger sibling.

Evelyn Dieckhaus was one of the nine-year-old girls who were killed in the Nashville school shooting (Source: MEAWW)

Remembering her lost sister, she said, “I don’t want to be an only child.” 

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Just like Evelyn, the other two nine-year-olds. Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney were also fatally shot in the incident.

The murderer was armed with two AR-style weapons and a handgun, two of which were legally obtained.

Their identities were made public by the police around the same time that they should have been dismissed from the Covenant School for the day.

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Evelyn Dieckhaus Parents: Mother Katy And Father

Evelyn was the daughter of Katy. Her parents mourned the loss of Evelyn, a young life taken too soon.

She left behind a family who will undoubtedly feel the impact of her absence for years to come.

The parents of other children also felt terrible losing their young and innocent souls. Similarly, the families of the other lost staff are also deeply impacted.

Katherine Koonce, the head of school at Covenant, was described as a “saint” by a parent with two children enrolled.

According to the parent, Ms. Koonce went above and beyond for her students, knowing them by name and helping needy families.

Mike Hill, a janitor at Covenant School, was also among the shooting victims.

Six people, including three staff members and three pupils, were killed at the Covenant School in NashvilleSix people, including three staff members and three pupils, were killed at the Covenant School in Nashville (Source: BuzzFeed News)

His daughter, Brittany Hill, took to Facebook to express her grief, saying that her father died while doing a job he was passionate about.

She also shared her disbelief that she has now become a victim of a school shooting, something she had witnessed happening to other people over the years.

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Cynthia Peak, working as a substitute teacher at the school on the day of the shooting, was also among the victims.

Additionally, Hallie Scruggs was identified as the daughter of Chad Scruggs, a senior pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church.

According to reports, Ms. Koonce had written on the school’s website that Covenant was more than just an educational institution.

Following the deadly attack, the Covenant School in Nashville expressed deep sorrow, stating that the incident shattered the entire community.

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