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Cliff Fields Wikipedia has been covered in this article as fans are eager to know more about the late boxer.

Cliff Fields was a renowned boxer from England who was also famous for his nickname “Cliffy Field” and “Iron Man.” Among his victims was the self-proclaimed Guv/nor, Lenny McLean, who was knocked out twice by the Iron Man. 

Likewise, Fields faced other boxers and had made a name for himself. The late English boxer passed away more than a decade ago but still makes rounds on the internet.

After losing his license, Fields became a bare-knuckle boxing champion during the 1970s and 1980s. 

Cliff Fields Wikipedia Explored

Cliff Fields was born on March 6, 1943, in Dunstable, United Kingdom. Fields made his boxing debut on December 10, 1968, by winning against Rocky Davies at Civic Hall (South Staffs Sporting Club), Wolverhampton.

During his professional boxing career, Fields won matches against Dick Reeves, Billy Wynter, Jack Cotes, Obe Hepburn, Charlie White, Dennis Avoth, Don Halden, Guinea Roger, and Dennis Forbes. His last fight was with Richard Dunn on November 24, 1971, but he lost it via TKO.

Cliff Fields was also famous for his huge bout with Lenny “Boy” McLean. ( Source: Facebook )

Meanwhile, Fields also spent time in the Royal Navy, where he trained in a scrapyard to become a bare-knuckle boxing champion after being refused a license by the British Boxing Board of Control because he lost an eye by being glassed during a bar-room fight. 

Likewise, Fields is famous for Muhammad Ali and Joe Burner. Also, he beat Lenny McLean twice, both times by knockout in the first round. McLean described Fields as something that had come out of the mountains. 

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Cliff Fields Death News Trending Now

Cliff Fields was loved by many, and his death which came in 2010, left everyone shattered. It’s been a long time since his death, but people still remember him.

Currently, Fields has been the hot topic as Daily Star published an article that explained his fight with Britain’s hardest man, Lenny McLean. 

Cliff Fields DeathCliff Fields died in 2010 at the age of 67. ( Source: Facebook )

It is unknown how Fields passed away, but we know that he was 67 years old at the time of his passing. According to a source, Fields was an alcohol addict, and in 2004, he reportedly suffered a store.

Due to that, he was even hospitalized. Many people talked about it and wished him a speedy recovery. 

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Cliff Fields Wife: Was the Boxer Married Before Death?

In Boxrec, many people have discussed the late boxer’s personal life. Collecting information from the source, we learned that Fields was married to his wife, whose name had not been shared with the tabloids.

Reportedly, he and his wife tied the knot in 1970 and even had a son. However, Fields and his mysterious wife parted away as they couldn’t settle down. 

Cliff Fields HusbCliff Fields was reported to be married and also had a son whose name has not been shared. ( Source: Facebook )

After separation, Fields ended up getting a job on the dustcarts. Likewise, he began focusing on his boxing career. 

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Regarding his family background, Fields was not only the child of his parents, as he had one brother and one sister. He got inspired by his Father as he was a Royal Navy Heavyweight boxer. 

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