Chloe Denman Parents: Where Are They From? Footage And Twitter Update

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Chloe Denman parents topic has been raised widely after Chloe’s footage was out on different social media platforms. 

A social media video featuring three teenage girls, Rhynisha Grech, Chloe Denman, and Kirra Hart, has become popular. The footage displays inappropriate content with a heated argument and graphic visuals.

In the video, Rhynisha and Chloe allegedly torture and injure 14-year-old Kirra Hart during a sleepover.

Kirra’s parents claim that she has been crying since they found her, indicating that the incident was a nightmare for her.

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Chloe Denman Parents: Where Are They From?

Denman is a social media influencer who is active on Tiktok and Instagram. Her Instagram account has been blocked since the video of her went viral. 

No information on social media or other platforms regarding Chloe’s parents is available. She has not made any public mention of her parents.

There is no information available about Denman’s parents’ names or professions. It is unclear whether she was living with her parents or not.

Denman and her family are from Brisbane, Australia. The exact place where they stay has not been disclosed. 

The video of Rhynisha Grech and Chloe Denman assaulting Kirra Hart during a sleepover. (Image Source:

After the video went viral, Chloe has been out from the media and sources and has not responded to any comments people have made about the incident. 

Many people like to stay out of media and sources. Likewise, her parents and other family member has chosen to stay away. 

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Chloe Denman Footage And Twitter Update

A video showing a brutal assault on Kirra Hart, a 14-year-old girl in Queensland, Australia, began circulating on social media on March 16th, 2023.

The video has caused widespread outrage and disbelief as people struggle to comprehend how such a senseless act of violence could occur.

The incident is believed to have been recorded as a prank to post online by Rhynisha Grench and Chloe, two teenage influencers.

The video of the incident was circulated on social media platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, and Telegram. However, it has since been taken down due to being explicit and obscene.

The video showed Rhynisha and Chloe assaulting Kirra in a messy and cluttered room, using punching, slapping, cutting, and stabbing with a knife. The footage was alarming and graphic, prompting Kirra’s parents to request its removal.

It is fortunate if one has not yet seen the video, and it is advised not to search for it as it can be traumatic to watch.

The public has reacted with shock, disgust, and anger to the video showing Kirra Hart being brutally attacked.The public has reacted with shock, disgust, and anger to the video showing Kirra Hart being brutally attacked. (Image Source:

The incident highlights the disturbing lengths people may go to for online attention and views, which can harm others.

Kristen Hart, Kirra Hart’s mother, has set up a GoFundMe page to collect funds for Kirra’s medical expenses.

Kristen states that Kirra has been through a lot recently, referring to the brutal attack over many hours. Kirra was taken to the hospital to recover from her injuries.

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Many people have been supporting Kirra’s family and sending prayers for her fast recovery. 

Hopefully, the two teenagers might get into custody and face some charges against the assault or get sentenced to jail for some years.

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