Charlie Evan Arrested: French Tourist Accused For Punching Woman In Japan

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Charlie Evan Arrested: French national was recently arrested on suspicion of punching a woman in the face. Keep reading to find out more.

Charlie Evan is a native of France whose name came into the limelight following his detention on Tuesday. The video of Evan punching a woman in her face goes viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Reportedly, Evan and his group of friends collided with a woman, causing her to drop her lunch box and leading them to an altercation. Following the fight, Evan has reportedly been arrested.

Due to his arrest, Evan’s name has been circulating on the internet, and people have been curious to know about him. 

Charlie Evan Arrested For Punching Woman In Japan

Charlie Evan has been arrested for punching a woman in her 20s in the face and leaving her injured on the streets of Tokyo’s Minato ward. 

It is reported that Evan and his friends collided with the Japanese woman, causing her to drop her lunch box and leading them to fight. 

Other people captured the video, which has now gone viral on many social media platforms. In the viral fight video, the lady can be seen grabbing Charlie’s shirt as he backs away. 

Charlie Evan was arrested as he punched a woman in her face in Japan. (Source: Twitter)

Afterward, Charlie punches the woman in the face, causing her to fall to the ground before he runs away. Following the incident, Evan runs, and a man wearing black clothes runs after him.

The Metropolitan Police Department said that Charlie denied the allegations against him. While talking with the Police, he reportedly said he didn’t remember the incident.

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Due to that, it is speculated that Evan was intoxicated. However, it was not confirmed by the police department.

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Where Is Charlie Evan Now?

Charlie Evan was traveling in Japan with his friends, and following a fight with a woman in which he punched the lady, Evans was arrested on Tuesday. It is unclear whether Evans was formally charged. So, his current status remains unknown.

The Metropolitan Police Department investigated a video of Evan punching the victim woman in the face, but more details regarding this case have not been shared.

Charlie Evan VideoThe video of Charlie Evan is going viral on social media as it was captured by many people. (Source: Twitter)

As we know, Evan punched a Japanese lady who was in her 20s. She was injured, and online reports have said the lady will fully recover in three weeks.  

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More Details About Charlie Evan

Charlie Evan is a native of France whose age is said to be 23. There is not much details information regarding Charlie, as his name came into the media after a recent incident in Japan.

He and his friends were traveling in Japan, and Evan was the one who got into a fight with a Japanese lady on the streets of Tokyo’s Minato ward, which is also called Minato City in English, formed in 1947.

Charlie Evan franceCharlie Evan is a native of France who recently visited Japan with his friends. (Source: Yahoo)

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People on social media platforms are asking multiple questions related to Evan, but none of the media sources have shared the details about Charlie’s personal biodata. 

We are also trying to receive more info about Charlie and will surely update you in the future. 

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