Canserbero Death Video Viral: Autopsy And Cropse Photo

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Canserbero death video has stirred the online world as it revealed the chilling details surrounding the renowned rapper’s death.

Nine years ago talented Venezuelan rapper Canserbero was found dead in front of his apartment.

The artist allegedly jumped from the tenth floor of the Andrés Bello urbanization in Maracay’s Camino Real building. His death was ruled as a suicide at the time.

Not only that but it was also believed that the 26-year-old rapper had killed his friend Carlos Molnar in a knife fight before plunging from a window.

However, the official account of the events was always met with skepticism by his family and friends.

Due to their persistent pressure, the case was reopened the previous month and it has led to a shocking revelation.

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Canserbero Death Video: Ex-Manager Killed Him

Natalia Améstica, the former manager of rapper Canserbero, admitted stabbing him to death in a video statement released by Venezuela’s attorney-general.

Canserbero’s ex-manager, Natalia Améstica, and her brother (pictured) confessed to killing him and arranging a murder-suicide scene. (Image Source: BBC)

Natalia confessed to drugging and stabbing the rapper, and with her brother’s assistance, throwing his body from a 10th-story window.

The video statements, recorded on 19 December were released by Attorney-General Tarek William Saab.

In these, Natalia and her brother Guillermo detailed the events of the fateful night Canserbero was killed.

Natalia’s anger had been ignited during a tour in Chile. She was informed by Carlos Molnar, the rapper’s friend and producer, that she wouldn’t be reimbursed for the plane tickets she had purchased.

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Also, she added that Carlos informed her that she wouldn’t receive a share of the tour’s profits, which she claimed to have organized.

Apparently, Natalia and Carlos were a couple who had been in a relationship for over a decade.

Canserbero No Longer Wanted Natalia Améstica As Manager

Adding to her fury, the rapper’s former manager discovered during the tour that Canserbero no longer wanted her as his manager.

“This hurt me a lot and left me with a lot of internal pain,” Natalia expressed in the video.

On 19 January 2015, Canserbero and Molnar visited her apartment in Maracay, Venezuela.

With the children away at their grandmother’s, Natalia seized the opportunity to drug them with a potent tranquilizer mixed in their tea.

As Carlos entered the kitchen, she attacked him, stabbing him in the neck, back, and arm.

Canserbero, drowsy from the tranquilizer, witnessed the attack. Natalia explained it as an uncontrollable fit of rage.

But the rapper collapsed on the sofa and she stabbed him twice in the side.

Natalia Améstica And Brother Stagged A Murder-Suicide Scene

In her desperation, Améstica called her brother Guillermo to help her manage the situation.

Canserbero Death Video“Canserbero Death Video” began circulating online, purportedly showing the disturbing events of that night. (Image Source: Billboard)

Then, Améstica and her brother Guillermo, who arrived on the scene with three officers from Venezuela’s intelligence agency, staged a murder-suicide.

They inflicted additional wounds on Carlos, with Guillermo stabbing him four times. Natalia said her brother also battered Tyrone’s face to simulate a fight.

Following instructions from officers, they also threw the body out of the window to complete the scene. Guillermo confirmed this in a video statement.

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He also mentioned that forensic detectives noticed the crime scene seemed “manipulated” and offered to assist for $10,000 (£7,850), which he accepted.

Consequently, they tampered with the crime scene. Venezuela’s Attorney-General Tarek William Saab issued arrest warrants for several Sebin officers.

They have also issued an arrest warrant for a forensic pathologist, and two investigators involved in the investigation. Six people are currently in custody.

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