Canadian band Skinny Puppy to ‘split up’ after four decades

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Canadian industrial music legends Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key, in an exclusive interview featured in LA Weekly on November 30, disclosed the imminent disbandment of Skinny Puppy. This revelation has evoked a spectrum of emotions among fans as the iconic band gears up for their farewell tour.

After an illustrious four-decade journey that commenced in Vancouver, the core duo, Nivek Ogre and cEvin Key, have decided to part ways, citing exhaustion from the band’s demands and their interpersonal dynamics.

In an interview with LA Weekly, conducted separately with both artists, the narrative unveils an underlying tension in their relationship. Despite this, Ogre and Key maintain a composed demeanor, hinting at a forthcoming farewell tour set to visit Los Angeles, signifying the definitive conclusion of Skinny Puppy’s musical voyage.

Acknowledging strained internal dynamics, Nivek Ogre reflects on balancing discord and productivity over the past 40 years. Despite the band once being perceived as family, Ogre expressed a resolute “No!” when asked if he’ll miss anything post-dissolution.

Contrastingly, cEvin Key, while acknowledging challenges, lauds Nivek Ogre’s on-stage energy and theatricality. Key’s admiration adds a touch of appreciation to Skinny Puppy’s farewell, encapsulating the complexities surrounding the end of an era in industrial music.

The dissolution of Skinny Puppy marks the end of a pioneering force in the electro-industrial music scene. Originating as an experimental side project, the band evolved into a full-fledged endeavor led by cEvin Key (Kevin Crompton) and vocalist Nivek Ogre (Kevin Ogilvie).

Despite various lineup changes, Skinny Puppy remained a constant fixture in the industrial rock genre. Their journey included highs such as their album “Weapon,” inspired by shocking revelations, and multiple tours including “Down the SocioPath.”

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well last night was the last skinny puppy show. i’m so sad i couldn’t see them before this moment and i’m sad there won’t be one after but here’s to the 40 years of amazing music and art from the band 🖤


The recent announcement of the “Skinny Puppy: Final Tour” signals the climax of the band’s intricate and theatrically rich legacy. Fans, while grappling with the band’s dissolution, express appreciation for the enduring impact and legacy of Skinny Puppy’s music.

As Skinny Puppy bids adieu to active performances, fans embrace the enduring resonance of their artistry, acknowledging the indelible mark left on the musical landscape and their hearts.

In the wake of the disbandment, Skinny Puppy’s music remains a tribute to their creative brilliance, ensuring their influence persists, resonating through generations of devoted fans.

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