Brent Lineback Owner of Premier Land Management Services passes away in Lexington

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The tight-knit community of Lexington is reeling from the untimely death of Brent Lineback, Owner, and CEO of Premier Land Management Services, LLC. Brent Lineback’s passing has left a void that extends beyond his family to friends and colleagues, all of whom are grappling with the loss. Confirmation of his death came through a poignant Facebook post that urged others to keep his family, including Martha Sink Lineback, BoandKendra McCubbins, Skylar Lineback, and the rest of the family, in their prayers.As of this report, the specifics regarding the cause of Brent Lineback’s passing have not been disclosed.

Brent Lineback, a native and longtime resident of Lexington, North Carolina, was more than just a successful businessman. He was a devoted father, a loving spouse, and a humble entrepreneur who made a lasting impact on the lives of those fortunate enough to know him.

Blake Jarman shared a post on fb on the death of Brent:

Praying for this beautiful family! Another Highschool friend, Brent Lineback, tragically gone too soon! Leaving behind his beautiful wife Skylar and precious children (his son and newborn daughter). My heart is literally breaking 💔😭🙏🏻

One of the standout qualities of Brent was his unwavering dedication to his role as a father. His commitment to creating enduring memories for his children showcased the kind of father he was—one who prioritized his family above all else. Beyond his immediate family, Brent’s love and commitment extended to his role as a dedicated husband, evident in the spirit of adventure, mutual respect, and steadfast support that characterized his relationship with his wife.

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In the professional arena, Brent Lineback’s imprint was significant. As the owner of Premier Land Management Services, LLC, he demonstrated not only success but also humility. Colleagues describe him as approachable and humble despite his accomplishments. His leadership style, marked by a harmonious blend of tenacity and humility, earned him admiration from those who worked closely with him.

The passing of Brent Lineback is a profound loss for the Lexington community, both personally and professionally. As friends, family, and colleagues come to terms with this tragedy, they remember Brent for his kindness, dedication, and the enduring impact he made on the community he called home.

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