Boston IVF Dr Merle Berger Lawsuit: Physician Charged With Secretly Getting Pregnant

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Netizens want to know about Boston IVF Dr Merle Berger lawsuit. Boston IVF pioneer Dr. Merle Berger is charged with surreptitiously using his sperm to impregnate a patient.

Berger, a former Harvard Medical School professor and author of the 2020 book “Conception: A Fertility Doctor’s Memoir,” resides in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard.

In a since-archived blog post, Boston IVF stated that year that Berger’s career is “essentially the history of IVF in America.”

The claims made in Depoian’s case extend back to before Boston IVF, a network of reproductive clinics with many facilities in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, and Indiana, was established in 1986.

The business highlighted in a statement how drastically the industry has evolved. Be with us till the end to learn more about Dr Merle Berger Lawsuit and controversy.

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Boston IVF Dr Merle Berger Lawsuit

Dr Merle Berger lawsuit has been a topic of interest for netizens. A former patient of a well-known fertility specialist in the Boston region is suing the doctor on a federal level.

They are claiming that decades ago, during an artificial insemination treatment, he covertly impregnated her with his sperm.

Sarah Depoian, a resident of Maine, stated in a lawsuit submitted on Wednesday to a federal court in Boston that she and her spouse sought assistance from Dr. Merle Berger, the now-retired co-founder of Boston IVF, in 1980 to become pregnant.

“Promised to perform an insemination using the sperm of a medical resident who resembled husband, who did not know her, and whom she did not know,” the lawsuit claims that Berger made.

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Dr Merle Berger lawsuit has been the talk of the town. (Source: The Boston Globe)

Instead, Depoian’s attorney said during a press conference on Wednesday that the doctor had covertly replaced the sperm with his own.

Adam Wolf, a partner at Peiffer Wolf, stated, “He did so against her wishes and without her consent.”

This horrifying conduct is referred to as medical rape by some. Whatever you choose to label it, Dr. Berger’s egregious and deliberate misbehavior is illegal, unethical, and intolerable.

Physician Charged With Secretly Getting Pregnant

Carolyn Bester, Depoian’s daughter, was born in January 1981.

Bester told reporters that she had discovered her true paternity earlier this year after ordering DNA testing kits from 23andMe and

She mentioned that Berger’s granddaughter and second cousin were among her matches.

Bester remarked, “I started piecing it all together after I spoke with one of them.” To say that I was taken aback upon realizing this would be a vast understatement.

It seems as though reality has changed. The allegations, which have changed repeatedly in the six months since the plaintiff’s attorney first contacted Dr. Berger, have no legal or factual merit.

Dr Merle BergerBoston fertility specialist allegedly fathered a patient’s daughter illegally. (Source: CBS News)

“He will be disproven in court,” said Ian Pinta of Todd & Weld, Berger’s attorney, in a statement disputing the lawsuit’s assertions.

However, Wolf argued that when Berger was first questioned, he didn’t refute the accusations.

He said that Depoian’s story has been reliable from the beginning and that they are eager to support their claims.

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This issue arose more than forty years ago, which was before our organization ever existed and before Dr. Berger worked at Boston IVF.

The science of reproductive endocrinology and infertility has advanced much in the last several decades, and the safety protocols and controls in place today would almost preclude such accusations, according to a company representative.

“Patients need to know that the highest ethical and medical standards are still upheld in our field.”

In addition to requesting that Berger appear in court for a jury trial, Depoian is also requesting a variety of financial damages.

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