Bishop Oyedepo And Peter Obi Leaked Audio Viral: Scandal And Controversy

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Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi leaked audio is going viral on the internet, and if you are concerned about what it is all about, keep reading till the end.

Bishop Oyedepo is a Nigerian preacher and the Living Faith Church Worldwide founder. He is also the presiding Bishop of the Faith Tabernacle in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.  

Apart from that, Peter Obi is a Nigerian businessman and politician. He worked as governor of Anambra from March to November 2006. He held the same role from February to May 2007 and from June 2007 to March 2014. 

Currently, Oyedepo and Peter are making headlines after their audio was leaked online. So, people are asking about the controversy, which we’ve discussed below in depth.

Bishop Oyedepo And Peter Obi Leaked Audio Viral

Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi’s audio tape of a private conversation was leaked on social media, drawing many people’s eyes. 

In the viral clip, a voice comparable to Obi’s can be heard asking the cleric to talk to the Christians in the southwest and Kwara to support him in the presidential ballot, conveying the election as a “religious war.”

Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi’s audio tape is going viral on social media. ( Source: Instagram )

Obi’s critics have alleged he of playing a politics of religion and ethnicity ahead of Nigeria’s 2023 presidential election, which he failed but has questioned in court. 

However, he denies this, asking critics to provide proof. The leaked file appears to have affirmed the position of the critics. Furthermore, the clip is available on every social media platform and was also shared by Kenneth Okonkwo on his Instagram page.

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Kenneth Okonkwo is a Presidential Spokesperson Labour Party Obi-Datti PCC. He posted the leaked audio, writing, “Our attention has been drawn to the publication of this audio tape of a private conversation between Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi.”

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Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi Scandal And Controversy Explained

Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi got into controversy following their recent audio leak. The leaked audio has caused conversations and controversies on social media, with many citizens criticizing Obi for supporting a religious-driven Campaign in a multi-dimensional nation like Nigeria.

Many people have said that the audio is fake, but some people say the audio is real. Earlier on Sunday, Kenneth Okonkwo, a spokesperson of the LP Campaign, said the clip was genuine.

ViralPeter Obi has dismissed the audio recording of a conversation between him and Bishop David Oyedepo. ( Source: Twitter )

As said earlier, Kenneth even posted the audio on his Instagram handle. He talked about the conversation in detail and said political criminals are trying to turn the conversation as if the LP candidate was making a religious word.

Obi’s media assistant Valentine Obienyem said the circulated audio of his principal’s discussion with Oyedepo was edited out of context.

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Bishop David Oyedepo Addresses Leaked Audio

As we know, the viral clip between Bishop Oyedepo and Peter Obi has left everyone surprised, and they are being criticized heavily. With that, people were waiting for the official statement from both figures.

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convoA Twitter account sharing the clip of the viral audio. ( Source: Twitter )

So, Oyedepo said he never Campaigned for any politician or tried to convince any group to vote for them. Di Clergy man took this line during one service for im church headquarters for the Ota area of Ogun State. 

So, his line hinted that the viral audio is not official. The content of the leaked conversation on the election has caused plenty of reactions since it was shared on social media.

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