Ben Huynh Pharmacist Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

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Ben Huynh pharmacist wikipedia has been trending online after Australian Federal Police raided his Dural home earlier this month and carted away his supercar collection.

Ben Huynh, a Cabramatta pharmacist with a whopping $8 million car collection, is facing fraud charges.

The Cabramatta East Day and Night Pharmacy proprietor allegedly defrauded the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) by submitting false claims for medications.

The raid created a huge buzz in social media, and the pharmacist’s life became the topic of media scrutiny. Learn more about him below.

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Ben Huynh Pharmacist Wikipedia And Age

Ben Huynh doesn’t have a wikipedia page. As for his age, the controversial pharmacist is 56 years old.

The pharmacist and a supercars enthusiast, Ben Huynh, is charged with fraud for allegedly defrauding the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) by submitting false claims for medications.

The Cabramatta East Day and Night Pharmacy proprietor Ben Huynh pharmacist Wikipedia page is unavailable. (Image Source: The Australian)

Australian Federal Police (AFP) raided his trophy home at Dural, in Sydney’s northwest, and seized three Ferraris and a BMW earlier this month.

The reason for the raid was not disclosed until his first court appearance on Tuesday. Court records disclosed that the seasoned pharmacist faces accusations of using dishonesty to gain financial advantage.

Huynh owns the Cabramatta East Day and Night Pharmacy and is a member of Supercars Club Australia, a group for supercar owners founded by his wife, Le Hoa Thuy Thach.

It should be noted that the pharmacist’s wife, Le Hoa Thuy Thach, is not accused of any wrongdoing. Also, the pharmacist has yet to enter a plea.

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Huynh and his spouse are known for their lavish lifestyle in their neighborhood.

The couple often went to Bangkok, the Melbourne Cup, and the Festival of Ferrari. He recently bought a new Lamborghini Aventador Ultimate Roadster.

Mr Huynh appeared with his lawyer, Shaun Titmarsh, at the Downing Centre Local Court, where the matter was adjourned to next year.

He is charged with obtaining a financial advantage by lying, for which there is a ten-year maximum sentence to jail.

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Ben Huynh Is A Graduate Of The University Of Sydney

According to Ben Huynh’s LinkedIn profile, he graduated from the University of Sydney.

Following the raid and charges pressed against him, the pharmacist’s life has become the subject of intense media scrutiny.

Ben Huynh Pharmacist WikipediaBen Huynh with his wife, Le Hoa Thuy Thach, who is not accused of any wrongdoing. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

When the AFP raided his house earlier this month, an unknown person uploaded photos of Ferrari being carted away from his house in the Dural, sparking speculation about the situation.

Moreover, his LinkedIn account also shows that he has been the Cabramatta East Day and Night proprietor since 1997. However, he has been a pharmacist for over three decades and claims to have a passion for helping people.

He says his staff share his values and know that being down to earth will mean success for all.

In conclusion, Ben Huynh pharmacist wikipedia page doesn’t exist. The intriguing journey of the controversial pharmacist, once revered for his pharmacy endeavors, has taken an unexpected turn.

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As a result, the spotlight now focused on his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities. The severity of the accusations casts a shadow over his extravagant lifestyle.

As legal proceedings continue, the public remains captivated by this high-profile Cabramatta personality, eagerly anticipating the resolution of the tumultuous allegations.

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