Bali Bodybuilder Justyn Vicky Accident Linked To Death Cause

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The accident during a routine squat at the gym in Bali tragically claimed the life of Justyn Vicky, a talented bodybuilder and personal trainer.

Tragedy struck the fitness community in Bali as it mourned the loss of an accomplished bodybuilder and personal trainer, Justyn Vicky, who met with a fatal accident during a routine workout at The Paradise Gym in Sanur, Bali. 

This devastating incident occurred on July 15, 2023, when Vicky attempted a back squat with an incredibly heavy load of 210 kg. 

The stacked barbell came crashing down onto the back of his neck, resulting in a gruesome and fatal injury. The 33-year-old bodybuilder from East Java, Indonesia, had inspired many, known for his positive vibes and dedication to fitness. 

Bali Bodybuilder Justyn Vicky Accident Linked To Death Cause

The tragic death of Bali bodybuilder Justyn Vicky was linked to the cause of a devastating accident during a routine workout at a gym in Sanur.

According to the tweet, a barbell fell on his neck during a workout, leading to his untimely demise. (Source: Twitter)

The Paradise Gym, where the accident occurred, was where he had spent countless hours supporting and inspiring others. 

On that fateful day, disaster struck while attempting to squat-press an astonishing 210 kg weight. The immense load proved too much for his body to handle, and the barbell came crashing down on the back of his neck, causing a catastrophic injury.

According to reports, Justyn was rushed to a local hospital immediately after the accident, where medical professionals assessed his condition and attempted to provide the necessary treatment. 

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However, the extent of the injuries he sustained proved to be devastating and ultimately fatal.

What Was Wrong With Justyn Vicky Neck?

One of the most severe injuries that Justyn Vicky suffered during the accident was a broken neck.

Justyn 1Despite the surgeons’ best efforts during the emergency operation, the injuries proved to be too severe and life-threatening. (Source:

The weight of the stacked barbell, an astonishing 210 kg, came crashing onto the back of his neck as he attempted the squat exercise. 

The impact of such a heavy load falling on his neck caused significant trauma to the cervical spine, resulting in a fracture. A broken neck is a life-threatening injury that can cause various complications, including damage to the spinal cord and surrounding tissues.

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In addition to the broken neck, the accident also caused critical compression of vital nerves in the neck region. The cervical spine houses nerves responsible for transmitting signals between the brain and various body parts, including the heart and lungs. 

Tributes To Justyn Vicky: The Impact On Bali Fitness Community

The news of Justyn Vicky’s passing sent shockwaves through the Bali fitness community. 

Fellow amateur bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts paid heartfelt tributes to the late bodybuilder, expressing their grief and sharing their memories of his positive influence on their fitness journeys. 

Many recalled his vibrant energy, unwavering support, and dedication to motivating others. Justyn Vicky had become more than just a fitness expert; he had become a beacon of inspiration for many. 

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The Paradise Gym, where he had been a cherished member of the gym family, also paid tribute to him, acknowledging his profound impact on everyone he encountered.

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Justyn Vicky’s memory will inspire others to pursue their fitness goals with mindfulness and respect for their physical limits.

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