Ash Cigar Lounge OKC Bartender Morgan Kemery passes away in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is mourning the loss of a beloved bartender, Morgan Kemery of Ash Cigar Lounge OKC, who tragically passed away on Wednesday, December 6, 2023. The announcement came through a heartfelt publication from the establishment, expressing deep sorrow over the loss of one of their favorite and most beloved bartenders.

The circumstances surrounding Morgan Kemery’s death remain undisclosed at the time of this article.

Originally from Blanchard, Oklahoma, Morgan Kemery graduated from Blanchard High School and made a significant impact as a Former Server at Pearl’s Oyster Bar and a Former Manager at Trapper. However, it was at Ash Cigar Lounge OKC where Kemery truly shone as a dedicated and talented bartender.

Described as more than just a competent bartender, Morgan Kemery was a master mixologist with a distinctive flair for creating cocktails that were nothing short of art. With an infectious joy and luminous energy, Kemery transformed the bar into a welcoming space where patrons felt valued and appreciated.

Beyond the craft of mixology, Kemery’s warm and welcoming personality established an immediate rapport with customers, turning them into cherished guests rather than mere consumers. Her expertise extended beyond blending flavors and textures; she saw mixology as a meaningful art form.

Morgan Kemery’s impact wasn’t confined to the bar counter; she was known for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where people from all walks of life felt welcome and appreciated. Her infectious laughter and positive energy made every evening at Ash Cigar Lounge OKC an unforgettable experience.

In addition to her cocktail-making abilities, Kemery’s warm hospitality extended to everyone who walked through the door, fostering a sense of community and belonging. As the community mourns the loss of Morgan Kemery, her legacy as a master mixologist and beacon of warmth will continue to resonate at Ash Cigar Lounge OKC.

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