Aria Martin Mugshot And Car Accident: Driver Was Held Under A $25,000 Bail

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The rampage in the Mission Viejo parking lot took a sensation turn as the news regarding Aria Martin mugshot is now all over the Internet.

An intense incident occurred in Mission Viejo where a driver who had gone on a destructive spree in a parking lot led the police on a chase.

The chaos began when a woman operating a black SUV was accused of violently crashing into several cars.

Moreover, she nearly hit people walking in the parking lot of an office building. Let’s read more about this driver, who was later identified as Aria Martin. 

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Aria Martin Mugshot And Car Accident

The car accident caused by Aria Martin has caused eleven vehicles to be damaged in the parking lot and even more on Chrisanta Drive.

A witness, Christina Patane, described the scene as the driver alternating between reversing and moving forward. It seemed shocking that she knew what she was doing and did it on purpose. 

Aria Martin, the 33-year-old driver (Source: Twitter)

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department later identified the driver as Aria Martin, a 33-year-old woman.

She was taken into custody after a series of car crashes and was suspected of being under the influence of drugs.

The pictures of the adamant driver are yet to be released, except for some blurry captures of her inside the car. People are angry that her mugshots have not been revealed yet.

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Aria Martin, The Driver Who Was Held Under A $25,000 Bail

Jail records show that Aria Martin was held with a bail of $25,000. She was detained for recklessly smashing into several cars, nearly hitting individuals who attempted to intervene.

Martin was behind the wheel of a dark Nissan Rogue and caused significant damage in the parking lot located on Chrisanta Drive around 1:30 pm on Thursday.

Footage of the incident, which took place on Thursday, was captured and posted on social media showing a woman driving a black SUV and hitting several cars.

Several people attempted to stop her, but she drove towards one of them, nearly hitting them. The driver is reported to have collided with at least ten cars before fleeing the scene.

Aria Martin was suspected to be under the influence of drug and was driving a Nissan RogueAria Martin was suspected to be under the influence of drugs and was driving a Nissan Rogue (Source: Tiremeetroads)

The suspect nearly hit one woman named Suha Sleibi as she rushed to her brand-new Honda. 

Sleibi jumped out of the way as her car sustained thousands of dollars in damage. She said,

“I did not think she was going to hit me, honestly. I thought by standing there that was going to deter her. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect and she came charging at me.”

Subsequently, she led the police on a brief chase as she drove south on the 5 Freeway towards San Juan Capistrano, where she was stopped.

She reportedly struggled as cops attempted to remove her from the vehicle but eventually gave up, according to Orange County sheriff’s Sgt. Michael Woodroof.

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More On Aria Martin Family And Profession

As of now, no information about Aria Martin’s family has been made public. The woman in her early thirties has not revealed her job, nor have her photos been disclosed yet.

She is facing charges of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, committing a serious assault using a deadly weapon, causing damage or destruction to property criminally, and driving carelessly.

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Aria Martin Car Accident – Mission Viejo Parkway – Update

Nothing has been made public regarding Aria Martin, who became headlines of many articles after she caused chaos at a parking area. No personal details were revealed about the lawbreaker; however, some outlets have covered new updates on her case. 

According to CBS News, Aria Matin is held on $60,000 bail. Yes, the number has increased. However, she appealed emotionally in court and pleaded not guilty. Due to this, there will be one more hearing on her case this February 23.

Hopefully, Martin will pay for her crime. She has caused massive chaos and caused trouble to many; she will for sure be behind the bar for some more days.

Talking about the incident, she was captured in Mission Viejo’s Oso parkway. Martin didn’t come up easy; she made it hard for the officer to retain her and is also charged with resisting arrest.

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