Are Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey Related? Dating Rumours Explained

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Many people are searching for Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey related as they share the same screen with the released drama series, The Last of Us, in 2023. 

Pedro Pascal is on everyone’s minds and souls right now. The Chilean actor has been a part of some of the biggest franchises in the world, including “Game of Thrones” and “Star Wars.”

Pascal is currently starring in “The Last of Us,” a major franchise and a post-apocalyptic story that has captured popular culture.

Even though his captivating performances have earned him a cult of fans for years, this may be his most infamous performance to date.

In other words, people are clamoring to find out who he is dating. Currently, many think he is dating his co-actress in The Last of Us, Bella Ramsey, and want to know if they are related. 

Here’s what we know about their relationship.

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Are Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey Related?

Although actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are not related in real life; they together have starred In The Last of Us, as Joel and Ellie, who share a father-and-daughter relationship. 

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in their movie The Last of Us. (Source: Instagram)

In the HBO series, Pascal plays Joel, a man tasked with guarding Ramsey’s character, Ellie, a little girl in a post-apocalyptic world where some people have turned aggressive after contracting a weird fungus.

Are Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey Dating?

Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey are not dating, despite the vague idea that was spread due to Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent media attention.

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Co-stars from The Last of Us were used in a social media age comparison to highlight the age difference between Hollywood star Leonardo Di Caprio and his suspected new girlfriend, Eden Polani.

However, neither side has officially verified their connection.

A tweet that compares the age difference between the actor and the model to that of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey has gone viral online in response to rumors about Leonardo DiCaprio’s alleged newest girlfriend, 19-year-old Israeli model Eden Polani.

Are Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey RelatedPedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey during the movie shoot. (Source: Instagram)

Whether or not DiCaprio and Polani are dating, the conversation about the actor and the age differences he likes to have with the women he dates has resurfaced as a result of the rumors surrounding his connection with the 19-year-old model.

Twitter users highlighted out that the age difference between DiCaprio and Polani, which is 29 years, is similar to that between Pascal and Ramsey.

People have started to wonder if the former Game of Thrones co-stars are dating because they openly display their close connection both on and off set.

However, the co-actors are not dating; instead, they share a tight-knit bond with each other and are more like a family. 

What Do The Last of Us Stars Feel About Their Age Difference

Pascal and Ramsey said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that they were concerned about how their relationship would work given their age difference after getting cast in The Last of Us.

Additionally, the fact that their first interaction was a “cringe” sexual harassment Zoom conversation didn’t help.

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Pascal recalled that at the time, he contacted Ramsey’s mother first to prevent making contact “awkward.” He remembers asking himself, “How am I going to text a 17-year-old?”

Ramsey and Pascal ended up putting in a lot of overtime throughout the icy Canadian winter. And they discovered that the dynamics of their characters, Joel and Ellie, weren’t all that dissimilar from their own.

Nothing was simple; everything was quite difficult, Pascal remarked. Long hours, and challenging material, and we both felt pressure to live up to expectations.

He continued, “You know, ‘Will they like me?’ That ultimately influenced the characters because of Joel’s grumpiness and Ellie’s overall superior intelligence.

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